Think About Using Reusable Plastic Boxes When Moving

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Since time immemorial, packing up belongings for relocation has always depended on the use of cardboard boxes. Even though it is possible for these boxes to be recycled, most people end up throwing them away after the move is done. Because of this, over ninety million cardboard boxes are thrown away every year, with most of them coming from people relocating.

Nonetheless, with the coming up of reusable plastic crates which is part of the green revolution, this does not have to be the case anymore. People in the moving industry are slowly embracing them, and a change will be noticed soon.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, these plastic crates are also superior in choice when it comes to deciding which packing equipment to get. They are made of much more durable material compared to cardboard boxes, and can, therefore, carry heavier items. Since they are also robust, it is easy to place them on top of each other without worrying if they will fall through. The material also gives extra protection for your belongings since it is harder to destroy from both inside and outside.

When it comes to cardboard, it is easily damaged by water, and apart from falling apart, the water could get in and also damage the things that are inside. With plastic crates, water damage is not something you will need to worry about since they will not absorb the moisture. Apart from water, plastic is also more irrepressible to other outside forces that could spoil a box.

During a relocation, accidents or mishaps could happen, thus threatening the safety of your possessions. Leaving the protection of these items in cardboard boxes may not work out since they may also be destroyed as well. Plastic crates give a much better chance and assurance of safety, especially when it comes to transporting delicate pieces. These containers can also be secured with zip ties, thus ensuring that anything that is stored in them is safe and secure from any tampering.

Okotoks movers also recommend using plastic crates because they are a lot easier to relocate compared to cardboard boxes since almost all of them are fitted with moving wheels that are made to attach easily on the crates. More often than not, these containers are designed in a way that they can be placed on top of each other easily without them falling off as the truck moves. If you decide to pack for yourself, you can get them assembled in advance when they are being brought to you, therefore, saving you the trouble of buying and putting together boxes.

Since the crates will help save on time and money that could have been spent assembling boxes, you will have enough time to pack everything without any hurry or hustle.

Even though cardboard boxes might be the better option in some circumstances, the truth is that they are becoming archaic and are quickly being replaced by reusable moving boxes.

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