Commercial Moving

Like residential relocation, commercial ones can be hectic. They come with the requirements of an extensive organization, and the execution has to be flawless. However, this can be quite hard to accomplish when you are trying to keep the business running at the same time; this is where professional moving services come in. When working with us, we will help you smoothly relocate you and your employees; that way, you can continue with business as usual. We come with ample experience to haul a whole office or just a couple of things depending on your preference. Our main aim is to reduce the stress it will impact on the business and help it keep running steadily.
professional moving service

Your time and money are of great value to us; that is the reason why we work the relocation into your schedule and make ourselves as flexible as possible. No interruption has to be incurred despite whether you run your business round the clock or for a few hours. Whichever the case, we will come up with a schedule that best suits your needs. The time frame can involve our relocating crew working in the night or during the weekends for as little interruption as possible.

Sem’s Moving and Storage is responsible for ensuring the foundation of a successful relocation is laid out; this will require us to know the ins and outs of your business. One of our relocating crew members will take a look at your office knick-knacks and provide the best way forward. This will include a schedule and a quote.
professional commercial moving service

When it comes to the security of your possessions, you do not have to fret. You can trust us to safely haul anything from furniture to crucial papers and electrical gadgets. We have a skilled team that has been trained on the organizing specifics of delicate items. Additionally, the trailers we use are in top-notch condition to ensure maximum goods’ safety. Once at the destination, possessions will be arranged according to your preference.

We request for feedback from every business that we help relocate. That way, we can know what to do better or maintain the next time we handle such. These responses have allowed us to perfect our business relocation practices to make us the best in the business.

We carry the satisfaction of the client with high regard, and we understand that you would like to do the same with your clients. Therefore, we implement moves that will not disrupt your daily practices.

Turn to us for a relocation full of relief to allow you focus on the provision of your services. Bookings can be conducted online on our web page under the office relocation option. Once the requested information is keyed in, we will get back to you immediately. The feedback will contain a quote that is relative to the info provided. A more accurate estimate can be provided by uploading your office’s snapshots.

Sem’s Moving and Storage has managed to remain at the top of the game thanks to the pocket-friendly fees they incur. The client’s financial plan is taken into consideration during the relocation as well as the requirements of their enterprise. That way, the move can be organized around how the items will be stored in units or hauled to their destination. Such service provision has allowed us to work with a wide range of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We come with the option of various packages so that you can choose the best one for your business. They include:

Pre-Relocation Groundwork

For any relocation to be a success, a careful layout of how things will proceed has to be designed. A relocating crew will be assigned to your office to understand how you want things to move forward and develop a plan suited to your requirements.

Particularly-designed Trucks and Tools

We come with our own vehicles and supplies that are built to handle any kind of office goods and chattels and haul them to your new office.


Aside from taking apart and putting together furniture pieces, other services such as office planning and organization can be offered. This also goes for electronic devices.

Post-Relocation Examination

Once the haul has been completed, we take some time to assess the entire process and provide various post-relocation services. This is the time that claims are brought up and resolved to ensure the client is pleased with the completed job.

Record Storage Management

Those that go for our storage services get to enjoy records management at fair fees and units with inbuilt security systems. The units come with climate control technology, and keep out fire and thieves. There are also guards that monitor the facility all day long.

Commercial Storage

Our storage units in Toronto come in a wide range of sizes that can provide a solution for your goods. Your items can be stored for an unlimited amount of time at a fair price. 

We count ourselves as the best relocating option in Toronto and Calgary thanks to our ten years in the provision of this service. During this time, we have worked with thousands of enterprises that have enabled us to perfect our art. To arrange for relocation, you can contact our responsive client care team. Alternatively, you can visit our webpage and provide the necessary info to begin the booking process.

Every relocation process is different since we build a plan around your needs. We take on the burden of following through the relocation process to ensure that you are free to concentrate on your business. Our ten-year experience has provided us with the necessary expertise to get things done seamlessly. Some of the elements that are addressed in the relocating plan include:

  • Come up with how items will be moved from the office to the trailer
  • Provide a quote that is precise
  • Analyze how much workforce and supplies will be required for the task
  • Assign a relocating team head to oversee the entire process
  • Look into any issues that we may run into and find solutions that will be effective

Some of the services that are included in business relocation include:

  • Furniture haul – taking apart and putting together, including that of cubicles
  • Document haul – relocating, organizing into moving containers, and arranging at the new office location in desired areas
  • IT devices haul – organizing computers, printers, and other valuable electronic gadgets, and arranging them at the destination
  • Workstation relocation – putting in new furniture and supplies
  • Art haul – providing special containers for art, antique pieces, pricey possessions
  • Trashing or donating belongings – throwing out or giving away anything that is no longer of use

You can talk to one of our client care agents for a quote, which is provided for free. Our official website provides a phone contact that can be used to arrange for an appointment.

Most businesses do not perform hauls on the regular. Therefore, when they do, most of them require a prestigious relocating agency by their side to ensure the perfect flow of everything.

Like any other relocation, an office on comes with a lot to think about. To begin with, the weight of the items to be hauled is usually more than anticipated. This is bearing in mind that there is furniture, IT gadgets, extra rooms’ items, and probably art and antiques. All these possessions must be taken apart, organized, hauled, and arranged at the new office.

Some items like cubicles can provide more difficulty during the process. This is because they are normally bulky and hard to take apart and reassemble. With us, you will receive a crew of skilled people that have the necessary expertise required to conduct the task. They can work on various items including cubicles. This has made us the go-to agency in Toronto for such jobs.

The process of taking apart and putting together furniture needs one to be trained for certain skills. That way, the job can be conducted in a fast, accurate, and damage-free manner, all of which we provide. Such expertise has helped us maintain the title of the best business relocating agency over others in Toronto. Our years providing professional moving services have helped us work on various office equipment and know just what to do.

Our team also brings organizing containers for your staff members to use. They are later picked up once the relocation is over and done with.

Despite the size of your office relocation, Sem’s Moving and Storage stands as your best option in Toronto and Calgary. We come with some of the best reviews and ratings that place us in the position we are today. Our expert relocating crew has the necessary skills to take on furniture, cubicles, IT equipment, and much more. We strive to ensure the entire process is done within the provided time frame and at a friendly fee.

Our client care is one of our best aspects. We strive to ensure that your services continue running as efficiently as possible with no interruptions from the relocation. The haul of your electronic equipment will not have to be a worry seeing that we have extensive experience in that area. Despite the complexity of your IT equipment, you can rest assured that we will handle it in the best way possible. Each relocation is provided a coordinator that ensures all your requirements are met. This team member will be the one to provide quotes and plan out the process. Our relocating teams will take on as much as possible on their backs to ensure that you do not have to stop the conduction of your enterprise. With thousands of relocations that have been a success in the past ten years, you can trust that yours will be handled in a professional manner.

We can provide more info on the conduction of our office relocation through our contact channels that can be found online. Our skilled relocating team will make sure that everything is organized and fitted within your provided time frame. All the required tasks from there will be taken care of by us. This includes organizing items in moving containers, carrying them to the truck, unloading the items at the destination, and arranging them at the new office. That way, you can get to work as fast as possible.

We work with residents all over the Greater Toronto Area including the Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan outlying areas including Thornhill, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, as well as Alberta’s Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie, and Okotoks.

Contact as once your relocation is confirmed to confirm your booking and talk quotes.