Moving Checklist

Good planning makes moving so much easier. Amid all the excitement, you have plenty of things to do when relocating. Even the most organized person would struggle to keep track of every task without a moving checklist. To help you glide through your moving process and enjoy the experience, we have created the ultimate Moving Checklist. Print it and follow it precisely. It will save you time, money and stress.

Six weeks before the move

  • Go through your house, garage, and attic and decide which items should be purged or donated.
  • Hold a garage sale or donate your needless stuff to charity.
  • Decide on your moving budget.
  • Start collecting quotes from moving companies Toronto – including a free moving estimate from Sem’s Moving and Storage.
  • Create a move file to keep tabs on quotes, receipts, and other all-important information.
  • Make sure your belongings, your old home, and your new house have insurance cover during the move.

Five weeks before the move

  • Gather medical, dental and prescription records. Ask your doctor and dentist to recommend a specialist near your new home.
  • Arrange to have school records and veterinarian records transferred.
  • Collect legal and financial records.
  • Cancel or transfer club and organization memberships.
  • Check and clear tax assessments on your current property.

Four weeks before the move

  • Reserve your move online or call Sem’s Moving and Storage(insert phone number here).
  • Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move.
  • Fill out the change of address form online or at the Postal Office.
  • Notify magazines and newspapers to which you subscribe.
  • If you have pets to move, Sem’s Moving and Storage can recommend services available.

Three weeks before the move

  • Start packing items you don’t use often.
  • Request the discontinuation of utility and delivery services (electric, water, gas, telephone, cable/satellite, internet, lawn care, etc.).
  • Dispose of flammables and poisons. Discard or consume your perishable food provisions.

Two weeks before the move

  • Return library books and other things you have borrowed from friends, neighbors or relatives.
  • Collect things you have borrowed to friends, neighbors or relatives.
  • Arrange to connect utility and delivery services at the new home.
  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and mark the placement of furnishings. It makes moving in a lot easier.
  • Decide which items you will pack and whether you will need help with packing. Sem’s Moving and Storage can pack everything for you at affordable prices.

One week before the move

  • Review your moving plans with Sem’s Moving and Storage. Discuss the last adjustments and questions.
  • If you intend to pay for your move by debit or credit card, notify your bank or credit card company.
  • Drain water from all garden hoses and waterbeds.
  • Drain gas and oil from heaters, gas grills, and lawn equipment.
  • Pack a box of essentials (games, snacks, medicine) and keep it with you during the move.
  • Clean and defrost your fridge at least 24 hours before the move.
  • Leave in place everything Sem’s Moving and Storage is packing. It’s safer and easier to pack delicate items right from the cabinet where they are stored.

One day before the move

  • Put tableware, hygiene supplies and coffee pot in a separate labeled box to be loaded last and unloaded first.
  • Finish packing all suitcases.

Moving day

  • Be available all day to supervise the moving crew and answer their questions.
  • Approve and sign the bill of landing and confirm your new address.
  • Check every room, closet and storage area one last time.
  • Lock all windows and doors. Turn off all lights, and transfer the keys.
  • Leave a note with your new address so that future residents can send you stray mail.

Moving in

  • Arrive ahead of the moving crew at your new home.
  • Tell your moving crew where to unload items and arrange furniture

Enjoy your new home!