Six Types Of Moving Boxes

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The closer to the relocation date you get, the more you dread the work of getting everything packed and ready to go. It is no secret that packing is one of the biggest stress spots when it comes to a haul. Because different rooms and things need to be boxed up in special ways, this all adds to a headache. To make work, easier Woodstock residential moving service has come up with a list of the different boxes you may stumble upon.

1. Corrugated Carton for the Kitchen

These types of boxes are usually very strong and are corrugated cartons with double-wall construction. They are mostly used for fragile items that can easily shutter such as China, dishes, crystal, and glassware. For added safety, you could also add in cellular dividers in between the items.

2. Medium box for weighty stuff

Most of these are made in a way that they are quite simple to work with. They could be used to carry hefty things like books. One advantage about them is that they can carry about one point seven five cubic feet of your possessions.

3. Large ones for some things

The bigger boxes are mostly for carrying a variety of stuff such as pots, pans, toys, non- perishable food and small electrical or non-electrical appliances. They are capable of taking in about three and a half cubic feet of household items.

4. Extra Large boxes for bulky items

Extra-large ones are specifically designed to carry weighty stuff such as linens, small home mats, towels, and lampshades. According to their make, they can carry up to four point nine feet of all the little knickknacks that you require to bring with you.

5. Wardrobe box for all the items in your closet

For such boxes, they come together with a couple of metal hanger bars so that you can be able to hang your clothes and avoid all the hustle of having to fold them, then unfold them when you get to the new home. These metal hangers save time and a lot of energy since you can place them directly into the closet from the box.

6. Picture Boxes

These are designed to carry practically any type of framed picture or mirror. They are telescoping boxes which are impeccable for hauling precious artwork, framed family pictures, and even your children’s posters.

If you have any queries about how to pack up your stuff or how to go about a haul, contact us today,and our able crew will be ready to assist you. We also offer packing services, if you feel like it is not a task you want to do by yourself. Our customer service will give you a quote, and you can decide.

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