Ways To Box Up Electronics Properly

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Preparing electronics for a haul can be quite the task because you need to be extra careful with them compared to other things. The upside is that Newmarket local moving company has a couple of tricks to help you out and ensure the electronics arrive at the new abode in one piece.

  1. Write down the electronics you have

Just before you get started, make sure you come up with a list of all the machines, and everything else that comes with them. To simplify things, you could make a different list for all the boxes so that it is easier to go through and check that all the components are there when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Get packing supplies

It is necessary to make sure that you have all the needed supplies to box up the items. Some things to get are such as:

  • Materials that keep the equipment from getting scratches and dents such as packing blankets or bubble or plastic wrap
  • Some things are affected by static electricity. For this, you should ensure that in the supplies there in anti-static packing equipment. You could go with bubble wrap or anything that functions just the same.
  • Good tape that will keep the box secure so that things do not end up falling out during the trip, or when they are being carried in and out.
  • New, strong boxes, preferably ones that are slightly larger than the electronics. It is even better if you use the original boxes that you bought them in.
  1. Snap some pictures

Sometimes you may find that there is a machine that is hard to assemble, and you do not have the manual. If this is the case, then taking pictures of how it had been put together would be a great help. You could also go the extra mile and write down the steps taken to dismantle it then when it comes to assembling it, you can use the steps from the last one to the first one and get the machine back together.

  1. Keep wires and remotes properly in the boxes

Before starting any of these processes, one should make sure that all these electronics are off and are not connected to the sockets. After unplugging them. Arrange the wires for each device and tie them with something that will not slip off, and label them. All this may look like too much, and it might take up a generous amount of time, but in the long run, it will save on the stress of locating wires and figuring out what goes where when unpacking.

  1. Do not be afraid of putting in extra padding

The boxes that the machinery comes in are always the best go to when it comes to packing them because they were made to fit the item. However, most of us throw them out because they bring in too much clutter into the home. If this is the case, you could always:

  • Try and get product specific boxes from the manufacturer of the electronic equipment
  • Purchase electronics from a local, long-distance moving company
  • Substitute with any other strong boxes you might own

Irrespective of what method you pick, you will also be required to put in anti-static materials or soft clothes. Avoid using packing peanuts because they can easily damage the equipment, and also because they can conduct electricity. Do not also go with newspaper as it can leave scratches on screens. What you can do is make sure that it is padded down, up, and on all the sides. Putt in extra padding because it provides extra protection. After you are done, label the box “fragile electronics” so that the Newmarket movers or anyone handling them does so with care.

  1. Know the temperature

Extreme temperatures affect the electronics and could be an issue especially when they are put into the trucks. If the haul is a short distance one, this should not worry you too much. On the other hand, if it is a long distance one, ensure that the haul is carried out safely. Some people may choose to carry them along in their car.

For printers, check that as you are unplugging and turning them off, you remove the ink cartridges. This is because they can be extremely messy if they are exposed to high temperature. Keep them in a Ziploc or somewhere where they will not leak and get into things and parts that may be difficult to wash off.

  1. Start the journey

After going through all the steps mentioned above, you will be prepared to go on the road and get to your new dwellings. Check that the electronics go into the truck last. This makes sure that they do not get crushed or shoved about by other things and other boxes. It also lets you remove them as the first thing, and since you had labeled them, you can keep them aside and unpack them when the need for them arises.

  1. If thinking about this haul

and the whole preparation and packing process is giving you anxiety, the moving crew that you are working with will be more than willing to help you out not only with the move but also with packing the items. This comes at an extra cost, but your mind will be at peace, and your workload will be reduced. Contact Sem’s Moving and Storage today, and we will provide you with a quotation, and you can check if it is worth it to have experts pack for you, or you will prefer to do it yourself.

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