Residential Moving

Relocating to a new place is one of the most challenging milestones you and your family will have to take on. This time requires you to turn to expert relocating services, like those of Sem’s Moving and Storage, and your goods and chattels will be treated with a great deal of care. Our team members have been trained on skills to handle even the smallest storage spaces when handling the most fragile of belongings.

Most people are usually excited when they first learn that they will be moving house. However, things change as the big day draws nearer; the dawn of the activities that have to be undertaken before then dawn on you. In a short span of time, the relocation becomes more stressful than exciting. You can avoid this by renting our services and letting us take on the difficult tasks of your relocation.

Our moving service has been in business for quite some time now; this has allowed us to pick up numerous tips and tricks in the art of relocation. We currently stand capable of handling relocations of various sizes that present different challenges. Some of the relocations we deal with on a regular basis include condos, homes, and apartments. All our team members work on a full-time basis. They have received extensive training on how to tackle even the most challenging of tasks. Various equipment is used in the organizing process to ensure that all your knick-knacks arrive at your destination as they were. Some of these tools include dollies, carpet shields, floor runners, and other protective materials.

All the processes that are involved in the relocation can be handled in good time before the big day has arrived. That way, you can be relieved of the worry of having to rush the relocation. If you are worried about any antiques or fragile items, we come with special containers that are best suited for organizing your delicates. You can rest assured that your precious goods are being handled in the best way possible.

Our relocating crews can guarantee you the best relocation before and when the big day arrives. No matter the size or age of your belongings, our team will give them the best treatment possible until they arrive at your new place.

On top of regular items, we also help relocate bulky possessions such as pianos. You can learn more about this service on our official website under the piano relocating services option. Additionally, if you’re ready for the haul but your new place is not move-in ready yet, you can make use of our units for storage. These storage units are in a secure facility, and your Knicks and knacks can be stored there for an unlimited amount of time.

The numerous relocations we are able to handle are a success thanks to the numerous state-of-the-art trailers we own. These relocating vehicles are developed with functions such as climate control and are inspected on the regular to ensure that they are operating at peak conditions. Once these trailers arrive at your destination, your personal effects will be organized at your new place according to how you would like them.

When it comes to the fees incurred for services, we offer a wide range of services that fall within a reasonable price range. All you have to do is make an online reservation for your relocation on our website and ask to be provided with a quote; no fees are incurred for this.

You will be provided with a form that will require you to enter various personal details about your planned relocation. After that, our client support team will contact you; this will enable us to evaluate your relocation better to determine the pricing. Additionally, it will help best decide a convenient relocating date.

Sem’s Moving and Storage carry movers within Toronto with the highest regard. The services given are of a premium quality such as client care. The handling of goods is also done with extra care. Our main service provision concern is for residents of Toronto and Calgary. The services rendered are top notch and can be recommended for loved ones.

We aim to be your prime option when it comes to relocating, whether commercially or just your home. This is regardless of whether your new place is across the street or a couple of miles away. Our services are put in place to ensure you experience as little worry as possible. We understand that the pressure of relocating on your own can make things hectic. Therefore, we want you to know that we have got your back.

Our skilled relocating crew will develop a relocation plan that will be fitted with your financial plan and your big day. The size of the relocation will not matter considering we have everything required to handle all relocation kinds.

We aim to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. The training we provide helps our teams not only organize and haul items; it also incorporates the reduction of stress for the mover. Therefore, we send out team members that are friendly and concerned about how well the relocation is going. All these services come at a pocket-friendly cost that is bound to suit your financial plan. This will make your Toronto or Calgary relocation more enjoyable.

Some of the things that be expected from us include:

  • Full-time dedication to your relocation
  • Quilt-padded furniture haul
  • Reassembly of furniture pieces at the destination
  • Skilled relocating crew
  • Pocket-friendly quotations

In some cases, one may be required to relocate at a moment’s notice. Such a rush can make this process even harder to take on. You may have lost your job or gotten one at another location, fallen sick and required to move house, or a list of other situations. When something like this occurs, we are willing to help make the relocation less difficult.

We have also met cases where mover misjudges a place only find out about its shortcomings when everything has been hauled and arranged. This calls for another relocation once again. Our teams are ready on call to take you and your family to another home of your choice upon request.

When such unexpected events occur, it can be hard for one to come up with a carefully crafted plan on how the relocation will be carried out. With us, you do not have to worry. We have a crew of skilled Toronto movers and a hoard of equipment that can make things happen even during last minute calls. We also provide helpful pointers on how you can handle the organization of your belongings. Additionally, we can bring in moving containers to help in storing your personal effects.

The limited time during a rush move results in many people trashing objects without much consideration. This is quite understandable considering the tight timeline that a lot of things have to get done within. In such cases, it is advisable to sift through your items and rid yourself of anything that doesn’t add value to your life. The trashing process will relieve you of being attached to too many things. Also, it will cut the relocating charges considerably.

We have been in the relocating business long enough to understand that relocation can be a stressful event despite the distance being covered. For this reason, we try our best to put your comfort first before anything else. Our agency has seen a significant rise in our customer base not just because of the fair relocating rates and professional service we offer; the placement of the customer’s comfort first has also played a huge role. Therefore, most people who sort out our services come back again or refer their loved ones to us.

When organizing your possessions, we advise checking out some of the pointers provided on our official site under the Packing Tips option. The pointers that are stated have been picked up over the years by our packing team members; therefore, you can trust that they will work and keep your items safe. The Packing Services and Box Rental option allows you to purchase moving containers and other materials to organize your knick-knacks.

You may prefer not to relocate with everything you own but want to keep. In other cases, you may be relocating to a smaller place that may not have enough room for everything you own now, or it is too far to haul everything at once. This is where our storage units come in, and they can be booked on our website. If you are moving to a place where we don’t have a facility, worry not. We will provide some recommendations on places to consider depending on the state you are relocating to.

If your relocation is taking you out of Toronto or Calgary, you may decide not to drive yourself. In this case, our relocating team can organize to have your vehicle hauled to your new location. The agreement comes with full insurance, which goes to prove our commitment to the safety of your goods.

Research indicates that Toronto currently stands as a buyer’s market in the real estate world. Over the past few years, prices have gone through the roof. In the past two years, most homes have increased prices with thirty-three percent. However, this has not discouraged buyers looking to relocate to the state. If anything, the number of people looking to buy has gone up considerably. Therefore, if you are looking to sell in Toronto, this is the prime time.

A lot goes into putting a home on the market. You should keep in mind that you will have to relocate to a new place yourself. Adding up the stress of relocation to that of selling can make things even more exhausting. Hence, it is best to plan your relocation before the selling process is well underway.

Numerous processes are undertaken during a relocation that makes it a hard time for most people; from sorting out items and packing them in containers to going on a hunt for the most prolific relocating agency. Once your relocation is finalized, it is best to begin your search immediately. That way, you can land a good team that will help you out.

Renting the services of a relocating firm is tricky, considering most in Toronto state that they are the best. The best possible way to choose is to look at the reputation of the agency before deciding. When it comes to the provision of professional services, Sem’s Moving and Storage is second to none. Our agency has been around long enough to know how to handle the challenges of relocation. Additionally, we operate all day long and all-round the year with a reputable license and insurance provisions.

We have worked with numerous home and commercial Toronto movers. Over the years, we have crafted a prolific name for ourselves with the excellent services we provide. Working with us will be an assurance that your possessions are in the best hands.

We own a fleet of vehicles ranging from cars to trailers that serve various relocation purposes. They are built with the tools necessary to handle a move and are inspected on the regular for top-notch condition maintenance.

Our relocating team members come with the dedication and care required to handle this job professionally. They have received adequate training on how to handle various items. Therefore, you can trust us to take good care of your chattels.

Our free wardrobe service offers your clothes a haul without wrinkling them. With our wardrobe containers, your attires will arrive at your new place as they left the old one.

Our services are fast and take away as much worry from you as possible, and cut across home and commercial relocations. We cater to homes of all sizes and shapes and make the process as comfortable as we can.

Our relocating crew members are well trained to:

  • Take apart and put together furniture
  • Encase furniture in protective materials
  • Protect your old and new place form any damage when organizing and moving items
  • Organize goods in good quality moving containers

Our relocating agency works with operating licenses that allow us to haul your goods and chattels without any issues. Our vehicles are checked regularly, and nothing is left to chance. Additionally, we understand that your belongings mean a lot to you, so we handle them with the utmost care. We aim to reach and surpass your expectations and get things done in good time. Some other aspects we brag include:

  • Transparent quotations
  • Free protective material for furniture and mattress covers
  • Free wardrobe containers
  • Taking apart and reassembling furniture
  • Convenient prices

We work with residents all over the Greater Toronto Area including the Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan outlying areas including Thornhill, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, as well as Alberta’s Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie and Okotoks.

Sem’s Moving and Storage stands as the best option for your relocating task. Contact us for booking and a quote for free.