Packing Tips

Good packing can make your move effortless; bad one, a nightmare. Today, you can eliminate the risks of damaging your items by hiring our skillful packers. However, you can also do a decent packing job yourself. We have compiled a list of proven packing tips to help you with this crucial process. Follow them to a T, and your move will swiftly flow to its successful conclusion.

Get your packing boxes and supplies early

If your budget allows, opt for brand new boxes. They are more durable and sturdier. You don’t want fragile items falling and breaking all over the place. Here at Sem’s Moving and Storage we offer the complete range of packing boxes and supplies.

If buying new boxes is too expensive for you, use any available, but make sure to reinforce the bottom of each box with packing tape. This additional precaution will keep your items intact.

Designate various sized boxes for each room

and avoid mixing stuff from different places in the same box. Not only your packing will be quicker, but the unpacking at your new home, a lot easier.

Label each box with a description of its contents

and the room it will end up at the new home. Use permanent markers and write in capital letters to easily distinguish the boxes.

Place heavy items on the bottom of the box, and fragile, lighter items on the top

Keep your eye on padding and wrapping to prevent breaks or scratches. If you are loading the truck yourself, position heavy boxes toward the front of the vehicle to maintain balance.

Watch for empty spaces in the boxes

If left unfilled, your belongings can move and break during the move. Use clothing, towels or packing paper to fill in the gaps.

Follow the golden rule of packing: the heavier the item, the smaller the box

Your books and DVD collection should go into the small boxes, while your linens and pillows into the big ones.

Don’t overload your boxes

Try to stay within the 20 kilograms limit. Besides being difficult to lift, they can easily tear and cause a lot of trouble.

Pack your plates and fine china vertically

instead of pilling them on top of each other. Wrap each piece separately with clean and white newsprint. Use plenty of padding to avoid needless movement.

Try to pack all your electronics in their original boxes

Otherwise, use anti-static bubble wrap to protect your devices against static electricity. For more protection, set the box containing your TV into another box padded with packing paper.

Wrap your smallest items in colored paper

so they don’t end in the garbage bin by mistake.

Appraise your family heirlooms and antiques before packing them just

in case of damage. Standard mover’s insurance doesn’t usually cover item values, so buy an insurance policy for your valuables. If you’re moving expensive art, ask your affordable moving companies about special crating. Sem’s Moving and Storage has the tools and expertise to protect your oil paintings and pictures framed behind glass.

Keep all your sensitive documents and important belongings in a separate box in your own car

This way you will have access to your ID’s, birth certificates and jewelry all the time.

The last box you load before you move should always contain essentials

such as hygiene supplies, snacks, beverages, pet food, tableware, garbage bags and a small emergency kit. Make a list of all the necessities that you will need for at least 24 hours and put them into your final box.

If you have kids

let them help you with packing. Ask them to pack their favorite toys, books and snacks into a single box. Load it last into the track, or better, take it with your car and unpack it as soon as you arrive at the new location. Your children will be happy, and won’t distract you during the unpacking process.