Bonus Amount To Give To Movers

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When people use movers, like Sem’s moving and storage, they most likely wonder whether they should gift them, and how much. Since the task, they carry out is a strenuous one, it is a good idea to give them a token of appreciation.

Remember that even though it is good to reward outstanding movers, you do not have to do the same for those that were not as great. Many movers do not necessarily expect to be rewarded for their services, but they are very grateful when they are tipped. By doing so, you show that you appreciate everything they did for you.

Time To Gift Movers

Gifting those helping you ought to be done when the services are exemplary. Gift those doing the heavy work as opposed to the moving company itself. The services provided by the company may have been underwhelming, yet the movers did a great job. In that case, tip the movers directly. The two should be treated as two entities. Movers who are ill-mannered or careless ought not to be gifted.

Amount To Give

This will be determined by the time they take to help you move and how labor intensive the move was. If there were steps to climb, hurdles along the way or delicate items that required patience and special care to move, the best amount to give is five to ten percent of the entire price. When there are many movers, do not give one the whole amount. It is better to give each their share of the amount. This is a show of appreciation to each individual, and it also ensures that none is cheated out of their share by unscrupulous team members.

To give an amount that is about ten percent of the cost, the movers have to be extremely impressive in their duties. They should have done something that was well out of their way like aiding in packing, cautiously packaging delicate things or even taking their time to help you unpack.

Time To Avoid Gifting

Good movers ought to be punctual, handle items carefully organized and carry out their duties meticulously. They need to carry out all your wishes and respond to all queries that you may have. In case something gets lost, they need to give clear guidelines on how the items can be located. They need to take responsibility for any breakages in their hands and assist you through the insurance reporting. Things could go wrong during the move, but their reaction will define if they deserve gifting or not.

Giving Drinks And Bitings

Since moving is very tedious, offering a cold drink or a beverage of their choice would be a great gesture. For movers that go on into the afternoon, evening or night, offering food would also be great. Some people would prefer to give a meal instead of a monetary token, while others could give both. It all depends on individual preference. When offering to give a meal, take the extra step of providing affordable options instead of deciding what they will have. One can also carry light snacks to share in case the move happens before mealtimes. Do not offer alcoholic drinks because some companies like moving companies Oakville could have strict policies that do not allow workers to consume alcohol during working hours.

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