Tricks And Tips On How To Relocate During Winter

Movers Red Lake

The snow and cold weather makes you lean more towards a cup of hot cocoa indoors and a cuddle, not towards relocating across the city. Despite the ice on the roads and all the other problems that come with moving in the snow, the winter season is one of the best times to move. This is because there are more empty houses during this period and landlords tend to lower their prices. It is also low season for moving companies and therefore you can even get some discounts.

Hauling bulky items when it is cold can be a pain. This is why Movers Red Lake has come up with the following tips to help you through your move and to ensure you stay safe.

Keep checking the weather for any changes

Make sure that you regularly look how the weather is or will be like on the days leading up to your relocation day. This will help keep you well prepared for anything from a few extra inches of snow to a bomb cyclone.

Know all about weather cancellation policies

The weather during this time is very unpredictable. Sometimes the roads may be too bad to drive through, or there may be an actual bomb cyclone and therefore you will not be able to move. Have a discussion with the owner of the home you are moving from and also to so that you can know how they deal with delays due to such emergencies. Even if you will have to pay a little extra to stay longer at your current place, it is better than being stuck out in the cold.

Get ready to shovel

You might be forced to shovel snow to create way from your door to the moving vehicle in the event that it snows. Do this the morning you are relocating, or if you can, the night before so that you also save on time. After shoveling and creating a clear path, you can use traffic cones to mark the space just in case another person wants to occupy it.

Ensure your utilities are in order

Contact your power company before your move to make sure your utilities in the new house are running. However, do not turn the heaters on immediately you go in because the door will be open the entire time and the heat may go to waste. Do the same for your old place, but this time make sure everything is turned off to avoid paying more for final day utilities.

Get a good moving service

You end up risking your life or getting into an accident when you decide to use a rented moving truck in Nipigon which might not be in the right condition to drive through snow and icy roads. To avoid this, you can call Movers Red Lake. We will provide you with top shape trucks, which also come with well trained and experienced drivers who know how to maneuver through roads during winter.

Have snow gear ready

It is advisable to set aside your snow or hiking boots before you start boxing up your things. Have a pair that is comfortable and one that has good treads to prevent any slips and falls. The key to also keeping warm is layering your clothes. You will probably get rid of the first layers when you start carrying things, but you will be happy to have warm clothing during breaks or when you are just standing outside.

Protect your electronic equipment

Electronic gadgets were not meant for the cold. So make sure every single one, from your television to your laptop, is covered in blankets to keep out the cold.

Keep your pets warm and safe too

Even if the weather is perfect, moving can make pets anxious. You can have them stay at a friend’s or with a relative who will take care of them through the cold for the day you move, and even the next day. Also set aside their winter gear such as dog snow boots.

Go for zip locks and waterproof packing items.

The distance between your door and the hauling truck may be a little or too long. That being said, despite the distance, your things might get ruined because of the snow or the water. You can use airtight bins and Ziploc bags to place towels, sheets, comforters and even blankets to keep them dry. Keep extra towels at bay also to clean off the dirty snow.

Keep extra warm clothes in the container that will be opened first.

It is recommended to have one box that will be opened immediately after the move, which will carry all the essentials that you will need within the first hours. Keeping in mind how cold winter is, this box should, therefore, have some extra blankets, dry socks, toiletries and extra warm clothes. You can also pack in a small space heater.

Stay ready for a winter relocation with help you can count on. Our company will ensure that you have enough trucks and manpower to help you through the whole process, as you make sure to keep warm.