The Efficient Tips of Moving Sleeper Sofas Without Damaging Them

Among the most substantial property that people own, a sleeper sofa is a big deal. They are big which makes them so heavy. In fact, you can have a significant problem changing the location of the coach in your house. You cannot do it alone, you might call for friends’ backup.

What adds to the complication is that sleeper sofas require careful handling. They are costly to repair so nobody will want to see them damaged. Maneuvering with the sofa through the stairs and packing in a truck is a cumbersome task. However, consider these tips that will ensure no damage to the sofa during the transition.

Identify the Type of Sofa before Decluttering

Do you have a sofa cum bed, a camel-back sofa, a cabriole, a Lawson-style sofa, or a chaise sofa? The vendor of the sofa can determine this. It is essential to determine the type first since different sofa sets require different handling. To make work easier, remove mattresses.

Afterword, declutter the sofa using these tips:

  • Turn the set upside down
  • Clean the bottom of the set using a brush or a wiper. This makes it possible to identify frames
  • Loosen bolts on each side of the frame
  • Stands should be tied together firmly
  • Remove the bed frame from the sofa set.

Removing the bed frames makes it easier to carry the couch. However, you can opt out of this process if you fear to break the set. But you can hire professionals to help with this process.

Alternatively, you can tie the frame firmly to the set to prevent it from dislocating.

How to Maneuver the Stairs without Breaking the Sofa

Carrying a sofa through the stairs is usually a huge task, especially if you are staying in an upper floor of an apartment. You want to move downstairs without damaging the expensive couch. There are life hacks to help in this movement.

Remove obstacles from the path. The path must be clear. Dispose of obstructive items such as wood and house utensils. These substances can not only making meandering through the stairs difficult but also can cause injuries.

Reduce the weight of the cushion by removing extra materials like pillows. Though this is a primary practice, some people can ignore additional elements making it harder to carry a sofa bed.

Use sliders. There is a variety of moving slides such as appliance moving slides. They are usually placed on the rug to allow easier moving of the couch through sliding. Besides, the slides protect your carpet from damage. However, lay the slides evenly on the floor or carpet for better results.

You will need some extra care to pack the couch and get to the journey. It is advisable to use professionals to wrap the sofa in a truck efficiently. Moving is simplified when you are using professional movers, say, moving companies in London ON.

Move the Sofa Set to the New House

After successfully covering the distance, it is now time to unpack and move the coach to a new location. Again, this will require maximum efforts especially if you have to climb some stairs. This is the final chapter of the whole process thus the need to avoid any possible damage.

Follow the same tips for maneuvering through stairs, and the coach will be well settled in the new location.

Sleeper sofas are enormous and require care while transiting. If you have to cover a long distance, consider making prior arrangement to establish suitable roots. You don’t expect to be caught up in bad roads that can break the furniture.