Packing Materials Needed For A Move

Movers Okotoks

As you look for a moving service to help with relocating, among the top things to look for is a company that is efficient will get there on time and one that has enough experience to make sure that your possessions make it to their destination in one piece. Something else to think about is what type of moving supplies you will need to use. This is especially if you will be handling that aspect yourself as it is crucial to ensure that they are of a top-quality that will keep the possessions safe. Movers Okotoks has come up with a guide on what materials to get.

Most of these supplies are common across the board no matter what type of move. A couple of the items are wrapping tools to prevent any scratches or dents, sturdy boxes to pack objects in and tape to seal them. Movers generally have a list of packing supplies, but proficient ones like Sem’s Moving and Storage give particular materials essential for specific situations depending on what the objects are. The main supplies are:

  • Cardboard cases
  • Distinct cartons such as wardrobe, mirror, lamp, dish, and flat screen TV ones.
  • Packing peanuts
  • Tissue paper or unprinted paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Moving blankets for the furniture.

Cartons come in all sizes from small ones to big ones and are measured in cubic feet.

  • Small box (one point five to two cubic feet) – This is mostly used to transport books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and other small knickknacks like tiny sculptures and kitchen pantry.
  • Medium box (three to four cubic feet) – Used for apparels, linen, bigger articles, and loftier general objects.
  • Large box (five to six cubic feet) – To put in cushions, unwieldy pieces, larger things, lamps, and toys.
  • Dish pack box (five points one cubic foot) – These are made of double thick sides and are therefore good for dishes, glasses, vases, and any delicate articles.
  • Wardrobe box (fourteen cubic feet) – Comes with a cross rung so that you can hang clothes just like in a closet.

It is hard to know the precise quantity of implements that you will need, although one can tell based on their possessions. Proficient movers should be trained to execute all sorts of relocations, be it from a small flat, or a big family house. However, having more rooms and additional spaces such as guest rooms and home offices will definitely necessitate a little extra work.

The average family house has about three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. Going by this, the crew should give ninety to a hundred cartons, most of which will be small, medium and large ones. Going per room, this will be:

  • Kitchen- twenty boxes: four small, six medium, four large and six dish pack
  • Living room- fourteen boxes: four small, four medium, four large and two dish pack ones
  • Dining room- six boxes: two medium, four dish pack
  • Bedroom- fourteen boxes: two small, five medium, five large and two wardrobes
  • Master bedroom-twenty-three boxes: three small, six medium, eight large and six wardrobe cartons
  • Bathroom- four boxes: two small and two large

Others such as packing paper, bubble wrap and tape are also used generally depending on where they are needed.

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