Guidelines On Packing Glassware

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One thing that worries people about during the move is their objects breaking or getting damaged. Glassware is one of the delicate things that will be among your possessions and will need to be checked that they get to their destination unharmed. Vaughan movers have some tips on how you can do just that.

Get the correct packing implements

In the boxes where glasses will be packed, further stuffing is needed so that they do not move about and bump into each other as the truck is in transit. Before you start to box them up, check that you have:

  • Double crenelated cardboard boxes
  • Stuffing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Padding provisions that are lightweight like styrofoam peanuts, cornstarch pellets or linens
  • Masking tape
  • Packing tape

You can get most of these supplies from local grocery or hardware stores. If there is a family member or a friend who has recently relocated, they could also lend you the provisions that they kept, or they still have.

Handle them with great care

Even though glassware is essentially all made of glass, there are different types. For this reason, some will need to be packed and handled a little differently than others. Nonetheless, the ideas below can still be used in whatever circumstance:

  • Ensure that the box is ready to carry the glasses. First of all, look for cartoons that are the proper size and length. When it comes to drinking glasses especially, it is advisable to go for boxes that come with inserts for every glass. Check that the underside of the cartons is also securely taped, and even double tape them to avoid things falling out when they are lifted. The next step is to fill the inside with styrofoam peanuts or cornstarch pellets.
  • Wrap every piece of glass on its own. This is so that the pieces do not bump into each other when they are put in the box. First, lay down a piece of paper held together with masking tape, then proceed to drape a couple of layers of bubble wrap around the glass, holding it together with pieces of tape.
  • Put each wrapped article in the carton. Confirm that you leave enough space in the middle of the pieces of glass. Also, put in the bulkier ones first so that they do not crush the smaller ones.
  • Pad all the empty spaces left. Do this by pouring in styrofoam peanuts or cornstarch pellets around the things in the box, or use linen-like scarves, t-shirts, and Check that these materials cover the box to the top.
  • Seal the box. Cover it and shake it a little to see if anything is moving If there is, open and add more filler. When the stuff is stable and no longer moving, cover it again using another strip of tape to keep it well secured.
  • Put the box in another one. You can never be too careful with fragile objects. Therefore, put the cartons in bigger ones that are also padded for further fortification.
  • Make sure you label them. This will help the moving crew know which room to place the boxes in when they get to the new home. Do not forget to indicate “FRAGILE” and which side is the top so that they can handle them with extra care.

If you find that this process is too much for you, you could always contact a professional moving crew such as Sem’s Moving and Storage to do the job for you. Give us a call today and get a free quote.

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