Boxing Ideas For A Summer Haul

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It’s the summer holidays, and kids are out of school. Most people prefer to go on vacation or sit by the pool. However, for you, you are about to do something that most people would prefer not to do in summer – Relocate.

That being said, summer is one of the most popular time for people to relocate. Be it a local move to Huntsville or long distance move across Canada; it will require some packing. Packing when done right can keep items in good condition, and guarantee that they do not get damaged.

Ferrying your belongings over any distance requires some excellent packing abilities. Local movers in Toronto have the following advice on how you can certify the haul goes smoothly.

Packing advice

  • If there is anything that can be dismantled, then do it. It will be easier to pack them when they are a smaller size.
  • Ensure that all sharp objects are wrapped so that they do not drill holes through the boxes, or dent other things.
  • Check that the bottom of all the boxes is reinforced. This inhibits things from falling out when the box is lifted off the ground.
  • Go from room to room and make sure you label all the boxes so that it can be easy to find things.
  • For boxes with anything that is fragile or breakable, make sure that you indicate it on the box so that the crew can know to handle with care and not place anything on top of it.
  • If there are any spaces left, fill them in with paper or any other filler. This keeps the objects in place and keeps them from moving.
  • When it comes to certain effects such as valuables, houseplants or any other things that you might need through the journey, put them in your car rather than the moving truck.


For furniture, cushion them with blankets or bubble wrap, and confirm that they are completely secured. If the legs are detachable, then it is best to remove them before packing. So that you cannot lose wing nuts or screws, place them in a bag, and put them in a place where you will remember. Fine wood furnishings might get some scratches from being moved about, so make sure you coat them with wax.

Important Machines

The first thing you should do is make certain that every piece of electronic is unplugged. For washing machines, remove the hoses and ensure they have no water. For a tub, restrain it with moving braces or put in towels or blankets between the tub and sidewall. So that electrical cords do not get misplaced or damaged, they should be taped to the back of the appliances. When it comes to refrigerators and freezers, check that they are defrosted, cleaned and dries before the haul. If there are parts of the machine that are light and fragile, they could be placed inside the electronics.

Dishes and Glassware

Plates and dishes can break easily, and therefore should be wrapped one by one in strong boxes. Put plates on edge, and not when they are flat. Fine silver should be covered with a cloth or silver paper. One could also get dish packs to protect the glassware completely.

Lamps and wall hangings

Before boxing up lamps, see that all the bulbs have been removed. You can place them on the lamps after they are packed. For the wall hangings, wrap them piece by piece with bubble wrap, blankets or towels and put them on edge.

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