Items To Not Box Up When Relocating

Boxing up and packing your things is the one thing that will keep you consistently busy from the first day you start to the day of the actual move. Lucky for you, Cornwall Moving Service has excellent ideas to help you handle it like a professional. Most people do not realize that there are some things that professional movers will avoid because either they are dangerous or perishable. Therefore, there are some things that you should not bother packing up.

Why are there such items?

The reason for there being some things that movers will not move is primarily for safety purposes. It is important to stay protected when relocating. Other reasons are:

  • Dangerous items may wreck the other household goods, and some may destroy the moving truck as well
  • They may also injure people who are helping in the moving process
  • Perishable foods will obviously get spoilt and make a mess
  • Pets and plants may not make it through long-distance

These are the reasons why movers will not carry dangerous things and will not box them up either. The items to avoid are:

Risky household goods

These are flammable ones, corrosive or explosive. Such things should never be packed because they are too risky. Examples are:

  • Acids, or ammonia
  • Deodorants and any other aerosol cans
  • Antifreeze
  • Black powder
  • Car batteries
  • Charcoal
  • Cleaning items such as bleach
  • Disinfectants
  • Fireworks
  • Any equipment that needs fuel to work
  • Gas, kerosene or any petroleum product
  • Guns
  • Alcoholic products
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Pesticides and fertilisers

If you own a gun, contact a certified arms dealer. Also, drain all the fuel from your yard machinery so that the relocation crew can carry them for you.


Perishable foods, whether frozen or fresh are in the no-move group because they go bad very fast and may attract insects. Just because they will not relocate food for you, do not waste good food by throwing it away. The key is to make sure that you consume all the food before the haul, and if you cannot, you could always give some to the neighbours or donate it.

Food in cans is somewhat okay for long distance travels. However, be sure to inquire from your movers beforehand to give you a list of the foods they do not transport.


Plants are easily damaged, and they will not make it through hours of being closed up in the moving trucks. Plants also carry some plant parasites and to make sure that they do not transfer them from one place to another, local moving companies do not transport them. You can bring your plants along with you, but only if it is a short distance move.


Movers are proscribed from transporting pets. Keep your pet safe and do no give them to strangers, unless the relocation services are professional pet movers. Cornwall Moving Service recommends the following when relocating with your pet.

  • Carry it in your vehicle. Apart from ensuring that the pet is safe, travelling with them in your car will help keep them at ease
  • If you are travelling by air, take them with you too. Different airlines have different policies when it comes to this so check the one that you can work with
  • Contract qualified pet relocation services. You will find companies that have licenses to transport pets and have the skills to do so