How Many Hours Does Packing Up A House Take?

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Choosing to relocate is a major decision, and once you settle on it, there comes the hustle and bustle of trying to get everything ready on time. It does not matter if it is a short or long distance move, you will still be required to box up your items. People with fewer belongings usually find this easy compared to those who have collected some items over the years.

Approximations centered on how big the home is

Many factors go into pricing a move. A good way to know how much time will be needed to pack up your stuff is to base it on how big or small your abode is, and also how many people live in it. In case there are folks to help you out, and you take almost a whole day boxing up items, it will roughly take about:

  • One or two days for a one bedchamber house or flat.
  • Two to three days if you live in a two bedroom home or apartment.
  • Three to five days to box up three bedroom houses.
  • Four to six days if you are moving from a four bedchambers abode.
  • Five days to a week to complete a five-bedroom

The above approximations are calculated with the thought that the individual has at least gone through prior moves or relocations and has planning skills and packing know-how as well. They also assume that all the implements required such as boxes, tape, fillers, etc., have already been sourced beforehand. In case you have an attic, a garage or a shed, then extra time should be allocated to pack them up.

Ideas for making the best out of the time you have to pack

Some people have children and have to be at work all day, and this means it can be tricky to set out a whole day to pack, and even add several more because one cannot properly pack in one day. Thus, it is necessary to draw up a plan on how to go about this. The minute the haul date is set and you have booked a moving crew, start packing especially the things that will not be used in the days leading up to it.

  • For summer or spring moves, having winter attire or decorations is not essential since no one will use them any time soon. Therefore, pack and keep these things and put them in the garage, or rent a storage space if you find that there will be no space for them.
  • Relocation gives a great opportunity to do away with unneeded stuff. Throw out old things or better yet, have a yard sale and get some extra cash from them. One can also donate and get a tax.
  • If your schedule is too tight to pack for a whole day, arrange to have it done a couple hours a day over several days. Nonetheless, check that this time is enough and properly used.
  • Gathering packing supplies earlier save time and avoid last minute rush. When it comes to delicate things like electronics, get them boxes precisely made for them.

For some people, packing their belongings themselves can be stressful, and they would rather have someone else do it. That is where Markham movers come in. Sem’s Moving and Storage has a professional moving crew that will assist you to pack and also helps you relocate. Contact us today for a free quote.

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