Ways To Relocate Office Equipment Carefully And Proficiently

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Going to a new office space can be quite a challenge. So that the whole process can go smoothly without a hitch, it is important that one knows how to box up the various stuff that might be found in the office. Once you have all the tools required to pack, it shouldn’t take long to move, and you will be at the new place in no time. Toronto movers have come up with a few ways to guide you through the process.

Office tools moving advice

  1. Furniture: when it comes to furniture, wrap edges or all around, if possible, with bubble wrap and furniture pads so that they do not get dented during the move. Another way to make this job easier is to detach the legs if they are detachable. Also, dismantle bigger pieces since it will make it easier to carry. Check that you have all the nuts and screws and keep them in a bag. To ensure that they do not get lost, secure them on the piece of furniture they belong to.
  2. Computers and other electronics: for electronic appliances, it is always safest to transport them using the boxes that they were bought in. If for whatever reason the boxes cannot be found, then try as much as you can to find one of similar size and build. Put in bubble wrap, packing peanuts or blankets for extra protection.
  3. Printers and copiers: The first thing you need to do is to check that they are turned off and disconnected from power and network lines. Before removing consumables from the fuser, let it cool down for about half an hour. Separate the paper trays, sorters, paper decks and finishers. Tie the document feeder with some tape and then cover it with bubble wrap. Printers and copiers are usually heavy, and you may require a furniture dolly to be able to move it. Make sure the surface it is moving on is smooth, and if not, get floor protectors first.
  4. Files and paperwork: If the papers are in a file, they can be carried in a secure filing cabinet, and check that the drawers are locked. Any loose files and papers can be placed in a solid box that has a secure lid.
  5. Get a professional moving team: You could always decide to handle the move all by yourself. Even though that is a possibility, it is best to contact experts to do it for you. The task is not an easy one, and sometimes people may get hurt, or things may get broken or lost if people don’t know how to handle things properly. When things go awry, it may end up taking more money away from you and adding to your costs.

At Toronto movers, we have skilled crew members who have undergone proper training and have enough know-how to handle your relocation in the best way possible. Sem’s Moving and Storage team will take care of all the office equipment, and check that they arrive at their new destination as fast as possible, and in one piece.

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