Tips for Arranging for Your Office Move

Relocating things from your office requires a lot of fine details and things to plan, which are a lot more compared to relocating homes. This is because not only do you have to cater for the physical relocating of stuff, but you also have to bear in mind that your business is relocating too. There are some managerial things you will have to deal with such as getting a new address, making a contact list to inform your customers of the move, and where you are now located (do it promptly), etc. Stratford moving services have some ideas on how you can make this process faster and easier to go through.


Immediately you are aware the relocation date; it is advisable to start putting things in order. If you can start a couple of months or weeks before, the better. Start by making a to-do-list and do your best to follow it strictly to make sure that every single task is carried out well and within the scheduled time. Also, add whoever will be assisting you and write down who is to carry out which task so that things run smoothly. Another significant aspect is making sure you have properly communicated to all the heads of the different departments so that they are fully aware of what to do and how to go about it. Listen to any suggestions that they may have about the move and the new space. Maybe some things could look better if put in a certain way in the new place.

While making preparations, work out the budget too. It is essential that you know what you will spend money on and how much you will need so that you can be prepared financially and account for it. Relocation is not a cheap venture, but with the proper planning, research and having a good budget, you might even end up saving on a lot.

Ideas on boxing up your stuff

Boxing up your office can be made quite simple by getting your staff to pack up their offices themselves. It will also make work easier for them when you get to the new place because they will know where exactly everything is when they are unboxing and won’t have to run around looking for vital official papers or working supplies. Start with boxing up the communal area items such as stuff in the hallways then now go into the different offices. After everything is packed up, make sure they are all labeled to make it easier to know what is where and if anything is fragile, indicate that too so that they do not get broken or damaged.

Practical office moving tips

Going to a new office building gives you an opening to switch things up and upgrade. You can get new desktops, desks, chairs, etc. however, this process requires you to have some patience because it takes time, reliant on the size of your haul. Throw out old and unnecessary things, or recycle them. It is also an opportunity to replace your service providers (be it internet or telephone providers, or office supplies) if you are not happy with them. Get the office plan of the new place in advance, so that you can be able to tell if all the belongings will fit there, and also figure out where everything will be placed, and also who gets which working area. You could decide to get staff in the same division to share a section of the space to make it easier for them to handle workload together. Another thing you can think about is if you want to change how your office looks regarding interior design and decorations. Give the place a new feel to go with the new location.

Cost of relocation

The amount of money spent on such a venture depends on a lot of factors because no move is similar to another. The recommended way to go about this is to get a qualified moving company, such as Stratford moving services and request a quotation. They can then send someone over to inspect all the things you are moving with and give you a price, or you could send them a list yourself. Apart from the number of items, other aspects will determine the price. Examples are the size of truck you will require if they will box up the goods, and if so, if they will use their materials or yours, the accessibility of the place you are located, how much your belongings weigh, the time of the month and also the season (winter, summer or spring).

Tips on getting the right relocation crew

Other than getting a price estimate, ensure you meticulously investigate the company you pick. This is key because if you hire a team that has no idea of what to do, your belongings might end up damaged, and you end up spending more than you had intended to. This decision can break or break your haul, so take your time while looking through the list of companies to pick from. Good relocation companies will give you some extra services that they will make sure are suited to your needs. Apart from just loading and unloading your things, they could also pack and unpack them. Picking an efficient crew is one of the best ways to not only save some cash but also save time. Follow the above recommendations, and we can guarantee that your relocation project will go smoothly, and you won’t have to deal with so much stress.