Three Ways To Keep Your Haul Eco-Friendly

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It does not matter if you are moving to another town or another province, your things will still going to be carried from one place to another. You can make this process eco-friendly through the following three tips.

  1. Donate or throw away unnecessary stuff

Do not be tempted to carry with you anything you no longer have a use for because it will add clutter to the new place. Instead, throw them out or give them to family or friends. One could also donate them since you can get a tax deduction for the next tax season.

Sticking with the eco-friendly aspect, ensure that what is thrown away is correctly disposed of. If there are flammables such as cans of paint, aerosols or other things like electronics, check on how they can be properly recycled or done away with.

  1. Go for packing implements that are eco-friendly

There could be a family member or a friend who also just moved and could give you the boxes and other packing materials that they used. Another option to be to get them from local grocery stores but you need to check that they are still in good condition and will not give in when items are placed inside. If you have hired movers, ask them if they use packing equipment that can be recycled.

One can also use sheets or towels as cushioning, especially for boxes that have fragile pieces in them. Another eco-friendly filler is a newspaper. When the haul is complete, check that everything is recycled as it should be.

  1. Be creative

Apart from clothing and beddings, you could also put other things in your suitcase. The good thing is that there are also plenty of items around you that can also be used to transport stuff in such as laundry hampers, baskets, and even milk crates.

People also go for plastic tubs because they are functional while still being environmentally friendly. Plastics tubs are also quite durable and can keep things protected even when they are stacked together, and will not crush the stuff. The ones that are manufactured from reused plastic are the best since they can be used over and over. If buying these tubs is an additional cost that you do not want to add on, there is an option of renting them then giving them back after unpacking.

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