Tips On Moving Out Of College

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College semesters go by in the blink of an eye, and even though it seems like you go into the dorms not too long ago, it is now time to go on break, which means it is time to move. This process can be stressful for some students and parents as well. But not to worry, Richmond Hill movers have some great tips on how to help you make sure you are well prepared for when this time comes.

Start preparing ahead of time

For parents who want to see their kids over the spring semester, or for students who are heading home for spring break, getting ahead of things is always the best idea. This is because a lot can be forgotten and left behind in the last minute rush. It is also an opportunity to carry winter attire and other knickknacks that are not needed so that you do not have too much luggage on the day of the move.

Go with the three-pile categorizing structure

Make moving day work easier and faster by having your things organized before the D-day. One can separate them into:

  1. Stuff that will be used over summer
  2. Items you will not need until fall
  3. Effects that are unused or not wanted

Do not hold on to clutter

Your moving project provides a good opportunity to get rid of things we do not need. Go through your items as you pack and put the things you no longer have a use for aside. They can later be thrown out or donated, which is better than carrying them to and fro and still not using them. Also, do not leave food in your fridge as it will go bad, and put out all the trash.

Get all the materials that will be required

Gather pacing implements such as boxes, tape, and storage bins to put your items in. These help the haul go much faster since it allows you to neatly pack stuff instead of throwing them into duffel bags without any order. Also have washing provisions, a place to put trash, water to keep you hydrated and some food for when you get hungry while packing.

Rent a storage container

Since you will not need most of your belongings until school reopens in the fall, it does not make sense to have everything moved home, especially if you reside far from the school. The best alternative is to get storage space where your things can stay till opening day. This is also very convenient especially for stuff like fridges, televisions or any other weighty things. As a lot of people are also going on break, it is wise to book these spaces in advance.

Sem’s Moving and Storage provides dorm room and college pacing services for students, and we have a variety of types to pick from. These are full, partial and self-packing.

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