Blended Household Move

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Separation or loss of a partner is some of the phases one, unfortunately, goes through in life. In some cases, one parent has to move into the other partner’s house while in other cases both families have to look for a bigger house to accommodate the whole household.  Such arrangements are sometimes problematic thus making settling a challenge because the children have to get along. There are a lot of challenges that most people are not aware of in relations to relocating and settling of a blended family some are;

Poor Communication in Regards to Who Does What Chores

Change in child rank in regard, for instance, the firstborn getting to assume the second born role after having a new sibling:

  • Sharing of belongings with the new siblings.
  • Parents having to decide on what stays and what to get rid of during a move.
  • Parents deciding on how to balance the needs of their children without being biologically biased.
  • If you and your partner are considering to have a joint household, there are a few logistics to be considered to avoid disagreements on what goes where to ensure a seamless relocation experience.

Sentiment Over Aesthetics

It may be obvious that you and your spouse do not particularly have the same interior design style, therefore, it might be difficult to blend the two styles. To avoid making one partner feel under-represented it’s important to consider the sentimental value of whatever it is you are disagreeing on over the aesthetic value. Consider the things your partner holds dear and keep them, however not everything is to be held dear otherwise you may end up with a cluttered house.

Consider the Kids

Most single couples who decide on giving marriage a second chance often have had years of independent decision making they may sometimes forget to consult each other on important issues. In order to ensure every family member is considered it’s crucial to have a list of things, both families deem important for the and teen clearly provincial activities each member enjoys. This will help the family to mingle and spend time doing activities they both enjoy. When relocating its crucial to choose a location that is not only convenient for the parents but also the kids. Children sometimes like to hold on to some of their toys, favorite seats or plates. It’s crucial to make sure the kids are comfortable and are not being deprived of what they feel entitled to, this will help ensure a smooth transition into the new family.


We both have different necessities when living alone and when we come together the necessities change especially when starting a family. In some instance, you find that one spouse has got a dining set and the other one has a whole set of bedroom furniture. This can be mended together to provide a whole house of furniture that can be useful to the whole household. Bringing together useful household items fills the house hence no need to buy other fixtures.

Fresh Start

In many cases, most partners have the desire for a fresh start as the old house reminded them of their ex-partner. In such instances, most people opt for buying new stuff such as new curtains and a new bed. Each partner’s feelings are very important and should be considered.

Sarnia Moving Residential Moving Service is dedicated to building relationships, that is why we are more than ready to have you move into your new household and have a happy relocation experience. We have a team that understands the complications that may arise in moving a blended family and will be patient enough to ensure this phase of life is faced with the lest stress possible. We will help you discard some of the unnecessary things in your home and help to organize your home to the desired style. Visit our website for more information about our service or to schedule a move.