Hauling Plants

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Plants are often used in houses as part of the décor and add a natural element to the space to make them feel more like home. Even if the plants are outside in a garden, they undeniably have a calming effect on the residence they sit in. For most people with leafy friends, relocations can be extra dreadful, especially when they have dedicated months or years to taking care of them. Even with the challenge that is presented, a lot of people prefer not to leave them behind. If you fall on this list, here are some pointers that can help you get through the process while ensuring that your plants get to their destination as healthy as they left your old home.

Indoor Plants

In nearly all cases, plants that are housed indoors are usually small or medium-sized. Therefore, they are a lot easier to handle. For the instance of small plants, all you have to do is find a large enough carton to place them in, and you are good to go. Before placing them in the container, ensure that it is well-padded to cushion it from any impact. Holes should also be drilled on their sides so that the plant can breathe during transit.

Larger plants also need to be transported in appropriately-sized cartons, which leave enough room on the sides for padding to be placed. A few days before they go into the box, they should be pruned and trimmed of extra leaves so that they are not damaged during transportation.

Most North Tork trucking companies do not offer to haul plants due to their delicate nature. Therefore, the chances are that they will have to go in the car with you. Ensure that they are not cramped or stacked with other containers. Additionally, keep the temperature regulated since plants are usually sensitive to environmental conditions. If your haul is taking you a long distance away from your current location, ensure they come with you into hotel rooms just like you would with a dog or any other pet. The changes in temperatures during the night can affect their health.

Outdoor Plants

This kind of leafy friend presents a bigger conundrum than those that stay in the house. The challenge is even more significant if they are large. It is recommended by most home movers North York to leave them be and purchase another plant of the kind once you get to your new residence. However, if the one you have has to come with, ensure you start by trimming them to help them adapt quickly to the new place. Proceed to uproot them while retaining as many roots as possible. In the days leading up to this step, make sure that you water them so that the roots and soil remain moist during transportation. Encase the base in burlap, and it is ready for transit. You can rent special services from good provincial moving and storage companies to help you with getting the plant to its destination. Smaller plants, on the other hand, can be kept in paper bags and removed as soon as you get to the new place.

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