Purchase of Used Moving Boxes

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Corporate moving North York can be an expensive process if there is no proper planning. Besides finding professional packers and movers North York, there is also the finance involved in the purchase of moving supplies such as boxes and paper wraps. Therefore, some people decide to buy already used supplies. It is a budget-friendly move that reduces the overall cost of the relocation.

Tips on Buying the Boxes

  • Sources

To ensure that there is no rush into the purchase, identifying several vendors dealing with moving boxes is essential. These cardboard boxes are available from several sources. Proper analysis ensures that the person moving can locate the most economical suppliers of boxes. In other instances, these boxes may be offered free of charge. Shops, supermarkets, and malls are sources of free cardboard boxes, minimizing the cost involved in the purchase of the supplies. As such, people moving on a tight budget have to plan adequately.

  • Environmental concern

Regardless of the amount of distance to be covered and the materials to be transported, using environmentally friendly packaging materials such as plastic is of vital importance. These materials provide a viable alternative to the cardboard boxes. There is also the option of identifying companies that rent eco-friendly moving boxes. Renting such units is convenient since the companies are responsible for supplying them and later on, collecting them.

  • Whether to purchase or not

Despite the financial benefits of using second-hand boxes, the following need to be considered:

  1. The condition. These units are easily destroyed, and therefore, it is essential to inspect them before purchasing. Moreover, when placed in Sem’s moving and storage trucks, some boxes may not be able to protect fragile items
  2. Second-hand boxes may be a sanctuary for different species of pests. The availability of pests may destroy precious items
  3. The boxes may have been used to store items that may have had an effect on their integrity. Boxes that may have been used to store foodstuffs, as well as liquids, are likely to be destroyed when they are handled by affordable Canadian movers. Besides affordability, the integrity of any box is paramount.

Dealing with the Box after the Move

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal- Once there is no purpose for the moving box, it is essential to understand the various ways in which they can be disposed of:
  1. Identifying people in need of the units and giving them out for free.
  2. Re-selling- This is mainly associated with re-usable containers. Boxes that are in good condition may also be worth a couple of pennies.
  3. Recycling- Use of the units for purposes other than moving. Sem’s moving and storage can drop the boxes off at designated recycling centers
  4. Repurposing and reuse- Other household purposes such as storage of shoes and clothing.


Before the purchase of used boxes, it is essential to consult friends and relatives, some of who may have moved recently. These individuals may prove valuable in identifying companies that supply the right moving boxes. Looking at online reviews is also crucial since it is a platform through which individuals can locate providers of quality moving boxes.

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