Chattels Banned by Relocating Agencies

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The process of changing homes gives people a clear picture of what and how many possessions they own. Once you have settled on a relocating date and selected the professional movers in Richmond Hill you would like to work with, it is time to get down to the organization process. This option can be substituted with a skilled packing team. If not, ensure that enough time is given to handle the procedure and have the necessary supplies with you for the safety of your belongings. When putting away your knick-knacks, it is essential to note that some things you may have in your home cannot be handled by the relocating team. These items are either too fragile or too dangerous for the crate movers to have with them, and it is best to educate yourself on what falls on this list before the hauling crew arrives.

Perishable goods

Most people keep perishable products in their kitchen and pantry, and when it comes time to change homes, they organize them along with other possessions. Items such as fruits, meats, vegetables, and other things that have to be kept frozen are highly likely to go bad before they can be delivered to your new residence. The foods should be consumed before the moving date arrives or given away if they cannot be finished. This is especially advisable if your new home is a long distance away from your current one. Also, avoid purchasing any new things at the grocery store two weeks before you change houses to give you a better chance at finishing everything you have back at home. Canned foods, however, can be hauled since their packaging prevents them from going bad quickly.

Compressed Containers

Most relocating companies apply a ban on pressurized cans that contain flammable products. The transportation of scuba tanks, fireworks, and fire extinguishers is handled by clients, so if you have any of these items, they will most likely be coming with you. Even small moves in Richmond Hill that involve seemingly harmless cans like hairsprays and cleaning products are not entertained. Keep in mind that the temperatures in the truck can spike, especially during the summer, which can result in some of these items to explode or combust and lead to a lot of damage.


Flammable items also fall among the restricted possessions that moving agencies cannot handle. This list consists of things like alcohol, gasoline, petrol, paint thinners, and others. Therefore, any machinery that runs on these elements has to be drained of the fluids before they can be loaded onto the truck; otherwise, you will have to handle their transportation.

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