Relocating Musical Instruments

Orillia moving service

For professional musicians, or just for people who enjoy playing musical instruments, they understand that a lot of money goes into buying them and maintenance, and so they would not want any harm coming to them, or losing them during a haul. One may feel devastated if they lose a family heirloom, or if a piece of furniture breaks, but it is not the same as it happening to an instrument.

As Orilia moving service, Sem’s Moving and Storage is a family- owned and operated a business which has been in the industry for over thirty years and can guarantee that your musical instrument will be delivered to the new place in one piece. When it comes to pianos, guitars, cellos, violins,etc., we know that these items are priceless and intend on giving them the best care. There are also some ways you can make sure the instruments remain safe during transit.

  • Instruments with strings such as cellos, guitars, and violins tend to be the most fragile compared to the others, which can be a problem when you are trying to ship them. Harsh weather conditions also affect the wood and cause it to wrap. To stop this from happening, you can; loosen the strings just enough not to be affected by temperature, if it has bows, loosen the bow hairs as well, and turn the tuning keys parallel with the headstock as it stops them from snapping. It is advisable to also add in additional padding, but stay away from shredded paper and packing peanuts because they could find their way into the instruments and affect their functionality.
  • Brass and woodwind instruments are made of a much more durable material, but if they bump into things and get even a small ding, it could affect how they produce sound. While moving, check that all the sections are covered in bubble wrap and stored in a hard case to keep them preserved and ensure that they do not get lost.
  • Tapping instruments such as drums should be placed in boxes with the sides, top and bottom covered in bubble wrap. Go for a durable box, especially one that is slightly bigger than the instrument so that it fits well even when wrapped. Check that things do not move around in the box because they might scratch or damage the instrument. For bigger ones like a marimba, they can be handled just like pianos.

Other things to consider are:

  • When it comes to packing and moving musical instruments, it should be done in their packages or similar ones.
  • Just in case you have to be at a concert, let the crew know when you will require them.
  • When you arrive at your destination, let the stringed and woodwind instruments adjust for at least a day.

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