Tips on Moving Difficult Items

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Moving consumes a lot of time and requires the use of strength, from packing boxes, lifting and loading them onto the truck, not forgetting offloading and rearranging. Relocating a few items is a bit easy particularly with the help of a few extra hands. However, other weighty and delicate items can be difficult to move without proper equipment or caution.


for instance, are one of the most cumbersome items to transfer, not only because of its weight but also due to its irreplaceable pieces. In an instance where you are dealing with grand pianos, having them fit in doorways, along hallways and trucks is a challenge. This may force you to pay for professional Piano Movers since they understand the technicalities involved with moving a grand piano and will come equipped.

Electronic Appliances

such as large televisions sets are sometimes a challenge to move since they are cumbersome and fragile to move. They sometimes require two sets of hands to move and one wrong move can render it useless. That is why it’s usually recommended to move such appliances in the packaging you bought them in, alternatively wrapping in blankets can also provide extra cushioning that will prevent it from getting damaged.

Aquariums and fish

are also difficult to move since you have to consider its fragility as well as the aquatic creatures. Fish have to be put in a moderate temperature to ensure they remain alive. However, if you’re considering moving your fish, it’s important to transfer them into a clear container with controlled temperature and adequate oxygen. Have the fish moved in your personal car instead of having them put into the mover’s truck? Other people prefer selling their fish and replacing them upon reaching their destination to avoid the risk of them dying while in transit.


requires proper preparation and packing as carelessness could lead to them tearing, using extra paper, bubble wrap, as well as cardboards around the sides, reduce chances of having nicks on the frames. It’s always good to have extra packing boxes some which are particularly larger than the piece of art in order to provide extra protection to the larger pieces.


improve the aesthetic value of the home. However, they are difficult to move since they are delicate and are likely to die if kept under the wrong temperatures. Moving large ceramic plant containers requires caution as they can break easily. It is therefore important to protect your plant’s roots with soil and put them in a plastic bag or container then carry the ceramic pots without soil in it as it will be less bulky, ensure the plant is transferred to its ceramic vessel upon arrival.

Moving these items alone requires a lot of confidence and an extra setoff hands. However, if you cannot risk damaging or losing your very valuable items then choose Kingston local Movers to do the work for you at a reasonable price.