Organizing The Kitchen For Moving

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A lot of individuals do not look forward to packing their kitchen when it comes time to relocate as dishes, appliances, and other knickknacks found there are almost all fragile. If you are like them, then the following tips by Sem’s Moving and Storage should help you out.

  1. Appliances

When it comes to these, it is best to use the original cartons that they came in. However, if they have been discarded already then get medium-sized boxes. Check that the appliances are clean and that the smaller fragile parts are detached and stores separately. Put the main part of the item first then place the other things on top.

  1. Dishes/ glasses

These are probably the items that will take you the most time to pack. They require patience and caution as you want to avoid having a situation where they all end up breaking, and you are forced to buy new ones after moving. To avoid all this hustle, Etobicoke moving recommends trying the following:

Put two layers of bubble wrap or packing paper at the bottom of the carton. When it comes to dishes, wrap them individually and as you stack them, put in another layer of protection between every three pieces. For the glasses, cover them individually as well, and if you do not have packing paper, then t-shirts can work as well.

  1. Silverware

Dividing silverware and separating them from the other items may be a headache, but it is a good way to make sure that they are not put in with any fragile object that might end up being scratched or damaged. Apart from that, it will make unpacking a lot more hustle fee. Organize them into the different types like big spoons together, small forks, etc. and hold them together with a rubber band. Once all of them are done, place them in a shoebox and tape it to guarantee that it stays closed.

  1. Pots and pans

So that you can know which is the proper size box for the pots and pans, get the biggest pan you own and put it in a box horizontally and diagonally. If the lid closes easily, then that is a good fit, and if it does not then, it is too small. After getting the perfect box, you can now move on to stacking the pots, minus their lids, into the carton. For the lids, wrap them with packing paper and put them inside under the panhandles.

  1. Other objects

For the other knickknacks that have been left behind, do not be tempted into throwing them all in one box as they could break. Instead, wrap them in a sheet of packing paper and then place them in the empty spaces that are in the already packed boxes. This will help you cut down on the costs of getting extra cartons.

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