Relocating Parents

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The elderly relocate for numerous reasons such as to be closer to loved ones, checked into an old people’s home, or change to a smaller house. Despite the propelling factor, relocating an aged parent or loved one comes with its challenges. Most people find it difficult to establish where to begin considering all that has to be done from hiring reputable moving companies in Concord service to organizing their belongings. We provide a list of things you should take care of along with the periods within which they should be completed.

Two Months Before the Big Day

Begin the organizing process two months before the relocation date arrives. Even if the movers are helping with the packing process, your parents still need to go through their belongings and settle on what to take. Going through things that they have carried for a lifetime can be soul-stirring, and beginning the process two months before the due date allows them enough time to see what they want to keep. Finish with one area before handling the next one, and in each one, have different piles for things to carry, sell, donate, and trash.

Conduct ample research on various relocation agencies and choose the best-fitted to handle the relocation. Begin the process to allow you to search freely without the pressure of a tight deadline, which lets you decide better. During this time, collect organizing tools if you plan on arranging the belongings yourself. Even if the relocating team will pack on your behalf, it is advisable to get materials to pack items that are too personal to leave to the professionals.

One Month Before

By this time, you should have narrowed down some of the relocating firms you are considering. Request for quotes as soon as possible, and have each of the fees broken down to understand what you’re paying for and how much is required.

The organization process can begin as early as now by putting away possessions that the elderly can do without such as books and seasonal attires. That way, you save yourself sometime when the relocation day arrives. Anything that out of place can be disposed of or sold.

A Fortnight Before

Now that the relocation day is getting closer make sure you change your parents or loved ones’ address to that of their new place. Do the same thing with any magazine or newspaper subscriptions that they would like to continue reading. Also, reach out to utility agencies and arrange to have their services turned off once you leave.

One Week Before

At this point, you should have settled on a moving company to work with and go through the necessary details with a representative. Call them one week before to reaffirm that they will be available on the chosen date. Additionally, pack a bag of essentials and take any medication that is needed with the elderly.

Relocation Day

When the big day arrives, be sure to have your payments ready. Depending on the stability of your parents, you can have them around for the organizing and loading process or drive them elsewhere. Once everything arrives at the destination, have the items unpacked as soon as possible.

Choosing the right relocating firm goes a long way in ensuring the elderly have an easy time. Reach out to Sem’s Moving and Storage if you are facing with such a relocation.

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