Pointers on How to Systematize a Tiny Closet When Moving

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Keeping a clothes’ closet pristine proves cumbersome for most, and the task is made even more of a challenge with space limitations. However, best believe this is a problem that can easily be fixed with the meticulous implementation of a few practices that can make even the tiniest of closets work. These tips are compiled by Sem’s Moving and Storage, which is rated among the best moving companies in the city.

  1. The flipping technique

Have all your hangers facing one direction, and then flip each one whose article you use in the opposite direction. This practice makes it easier for you to identify clothes that you never usually sport. Having a tiny closet means that you are limited on space, to begin with, so it is best to get rid of any items you no longer use. Consider handing them over to family, friends, or charity. Once that is done, you’ll be left with more room for items that you utilize.

  1. Plumb is the way to go

As much as you utilize the space around you, do not forego the one above you. Ensure you use as much vertical space as possible by adding units like shelves at the top of your closet and hooks to the walls and closet door. For the latter, you may want to be keen not to cause any damage to the walls, especially if it is a rental.

If you happen to be short, let’s say five feet, invest in a stool that you can easily fold and unfold when you need it. That way, you can enjoy using any space higher than you without all the uncomfortable stretching to reach for things, which could easily result in injury for you or your items.

  1. Use S-hooks or Pop can tabs to stack clothing vertically

When all hangers sit on the racks of a small closet, it is easy for them to get crammed. This problem is easily solvable with the help of soda can tabs that you can either collect from your drinks or purchase some online. These items don’t keep things together but reduce spatial limitations. All you have to do is merely loop a tab in one hanger to the end of its neck and then hook another hanger to the other opening. However, this pointer only works with small-necked hangers.

  1. Double rods

Having a second rod running parallel to the first one comes in handy when storing items that you could easily lose in your storage space. It can be convenient for small items such as belts, scarves, and any other simple articles.

  1. Illuminate your space

Good lighting isn’t usually a concern for most closet builders, especially when they are small. Invest in affordable rechargeable lights that you can easily stick to the wall, which will make your unit look expanded. Light also allows you to see the back, making it convenient to store items.

If the undertaking still feels complex, you can always reach out to movers in Aurora experts to help you out. Sweep the web for options and read through reviews to see which firm comes with the best services.

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