How To Get Your Pet Ready For A Long Distance Relocation

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Relocating with a pet on board can be quite challenging, especially since there are quite some ways this can be done. However, this should not make you worry about how you will be able to carry out this task as movers Pickering has some great ideas on how to go about it.

  1. Place a microchip on the pet

A lot may be happening during the moving, and you might lose track of your pet at some point, or they might get away. Having them microchipped will help you figure out their exact location if they do manage to get away. This should be done at least two weeks before the moving so that you can get time to set the second contact just in case you cannot be reached.

  1. Let the pet get familiar with its crate

Get them a crate some days or weeks before the relocation and then let the pet spend some few hours or minutes during the day in there, to get accustomed to sitting and maybe sleeping in it. It is recommended to start doing this enough days before to give them enough time to adapt to it. A good way to make them accept it even faster is to give them a treat each time they accept to get in and stay there.

If you are using air transport, getting a good sized crate that is sturdy and has enough space is key to ensuring they have a comfortable flight.

  1. Make sure they get enough exercise

This is a perfect way to keep your pet comfortable in their crate since they will have had enough exercise on the days before the moving. You can add the number of minutes they spend on their daily walks which will keep them from feeling too tired. As well as making sure that they do not get anxious and try to escape their crate, this also helps to greatly minimize how much stress will get to them during the journey.

  1. Pack with the pet in mind

Once you have picked the sort of transportation you find best for the pet, you will be allowed to bring some items for them according to that choice since some modes have limitations.

Nonetheless, Sem’s Moving and Storage advises their clients to pack as much as is possible, and also add in extra pieces of the stuff that the pet will need in the course of the relocation. This could be medicine, food, toys to play with, litter bags, and grooming implements.

Getting a pet ready for a move is always going to come with some hurdles, however, with enough research and precaution, the process can go very smoothly, and you will be able to make sure your pet gets to the new house healthy and in good spirits.

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