The Digital Era of Moving

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Moving is a tedious task on its own

It can be made a lot more challenging if a moving company comes with long processes to get access to amenities and the use of old methods to moving your items from your current location to your new residence. Sem’s Moving and Storage understands the stresses that come with this procedure and keeps technology at the forefront of activities to ensure the smooth booking processes and transportation of goods from one point to the other.

The ease of our digital services is enjoyed from the very beginning with the booking process. Before deciding on whether to settle on our business, which is a wise choice, you can easily get quotes on the amount required for your needs. A detailed form is provided for filling to see just how much we will be moving and identifying what you would like included in your package. The fields included are made as straightforward as possible to reduce the tasking nature of the process. We also include cartons shop, which comes with the offer of free delivery within Toronto if the items purchased exceed one hundred dollars.

Top-tier tech also comes into play on the big day, starting with trucks equipped with GPS trackers along with any other moving crew vehicles involved. The use of this technology allows one to keep tabs on every move made to avoid incidences of items getting lost along the way as is often the case with numerous moving companies. The ability to keep track of the cars also allows one to pick the best traffic routes, which is aided our real-time traffic reports.

We have also invested in the provision of walkie-talkies for our crew members to ease communication when moving. Therefore, you get to handle the day without the added stress of screaming voices, which is sure to cause a disturbance with your neighbors as well. Additionally, it helps keep every crew member on the know on what direction to take no matter how distant they are on the premises.

Once the entire procedure is done and dusted, the moving coordinator only requires a swipe of your card on his mobile terminal to complete payment. A statement with the total amount to be paid is emailed to you, which you can quickly assess from your preferred device and confirm that everything is in order before making the cash transfer.

Our movers in Oakville is constantly on the search for technological improvements that make the provision of services easier and better. You can trust us with efficient solutions delivery on a platform that redefines the boundaries of client care.

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