The Negative Aspects Of Moving To The Capital

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Moving to the country’s biggest city could bring some feelings of anxiety, then again the town has a lot of opportunities that one wouldn’t find anywhere else and could be a good fit for you. Moving companies Etobicoke have come up with a list of negative ideas when it comes to such a decision.

Lodgingis extravagant

Within the past year, the charges for a detached home went up to one point two million dollars, which for someone planning on purchasing a family home can be extremely steep. Renting costs less, but it is still costly. One is required to use at least one thousand two hundred dollars monthly for a one chamber residence or condo. You could look for roommates to split the fee with you, but unless it is in the suburbs, you will still need to fork out four hundred to five hundred dollars. Another downside is that these houses are quite small in size, and so the amount of space will be pretty constrained.

There are traffics, congestion and long commute times

Even though there is top notch substructure, it is still not sufficient to deal with the number of automobiles. The city also has an average commute time of sixty-five minutes which is a lot. Most individuals living here choose to use public transport such as rail, buses, streetcars and subway lines to save on gasoline cash. The main downside about this is that it demands on to get multiple transits passes if you have to go across regions. Sem’s moving and storage usually let their clients know that they can also cycle to their destinations instead as there are lanes set for this.

Making friends isn’t simple

Residents of this sector have a particular standing and are infamous for being unfriendly. This is because everyone in the city is always busy working or running errands, and may not have time to say hello to strangers, even ones they could have invited to their parties or those they work with. Another thing is that a lot of people are always on their phone to notice anything. However, there are online platforms such as Meetup. com whereby one can find friends with the same interests. There is also Facebook, where most vicinities have groups that are a great way to get to know each other, explore places, and be in touch with everything that is happening in that area.

Not the best for nature enthusiasts

There are a couple of activities such as boat rides, and some parks, but if you are the type that likes mountaineering, hiking, and camping, this may not work for you. The downtown area is especially challenged when it comes to this, but there are some other places to see such as Trinity- Bellwood Park, Allen Gardens, and High Park.

Blistering summers

There are over seven thousand square miles of asphalt and glass in the area, which means a lot of heat is taken in. This is often too much for any breeze coming from Lake Ontario, meaning it is extremely hot in this season.

Ruined waterfront

If one has stayed in sites that have good harbors, then this will be a disappointment. Public land has been auctioned to developers who damaged the waterfront by putting up condo after condo.

But if you are planning to move to a busy city – contact us, and we will be ready to assist.

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