Tips On Moving Furniture

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Moving furniture and getting it into a storage facility may look like a hard task. It is hard to determine if these fixtures will remain in top shape once it is out of the home. Nonetheless, with a little knowledge of how to handle this process, you will see that it is not as taxing as most people think. Moving companies Milton have a well of knowledge and an expert crew that will help you out with your move and makes sure that your belongings stay in mint condition once they are in the storage units.

Get the furniture ready for moving

More often than not, furniture is made up of several pieces that require to be taken apart before being stored. Remove the bolts holding them together and keep them in labeled bags so that they do not get lost. It is also recommended to dismantle shelves, bulbs, and other objects to make transporting them easier because they won’t bump into things.

Wrap them with extreme caution

As you put things in storage, keep in mind that their outer layers are protected, and wrapping blankets work best for this. For knickknacks that can break easily or are of great value such as antiques, consider getting handmade crates for them, particularly wooden ones. If you own any furniture that is made of fabric, be cautious when using tape since it can easily leave unsightly marks. This is also the same for any leather seats. Once you have packed the breakable objects, check that the box is tagged as “fragile” so that the people carrying them are aware that they need to be careful not to damage them.

Keep them upright

Keep the furniture on their feet since they were made to handle the weight. Placing them on the side or upside down may damage them.

When it comes to certain special fixtures, there are also certain ways of moving them, getting them to the units and verifying that they are in good hands.

  1. Patio furniture

Getting patio furniture into storage is not very complicated as they can go in just the way they are. This is because it is made to withstand outside conditions, and the ones inside are therefore kinder on them.

  1. Fabric seats

This needs a little more caution. When the objects are being ferried, check that no tape has been stretched over the fabric to avoid leaving marks.

  1. Leather

Leather pieces should be wrapped with shrink wrap to keep it protected. One can handle them in the same way as fabric seats. However, remember that stretched tape leaves marks and it should also not touch the leather.

  1. Antiques

Such objects should be well handled over every step of the move. Get a customized crate, or a box in which the antiques can fit in completely, and then add in enough padding to keep them from bumping into each other. We recommend getting a wooden crate for this.

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