Relocating For The Elderly

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Relocating is a tasking venture for most adults, but it can be especially hard for the elderly who have already established roots in homes they have lived in for a long time. Not only is the process of hauling belongings hard, but so is dealing with the anxiety of being in a new environment. Research indicates the older one gets, the harder it becomes to adapt to unfamiliar things. If your relocation involves taking a senior with you, understand that this change can take its toll on them harder than it will on you. While doing so, you can apply some practices to make it easier before the movers Aurora, Ontario that you have chosen arrive to relocate you to your new destination.


In most cases, seniors up and leave their homes for the sake of downsizing, which makes decluttering a vital step to take. This process is crucial to nearly every relocation, especially one that involves moving into a smaller house. Older people try to find smaller spaces that can be easier to manage once the kids are all grown up and out of the house. When decluttering, ensure that you consider their feelings about each item. Most of their possessions might be hard to dispose since they may have years of emotional attachment to them. Pick out the easiest ones to remain with and take photos of those that have sentimental value but cannot come with you.

Get Help

Relocations come with a ton of things to worry about, so offer as much help as you can during this time. Inform them that you will be there to aid them even after their goods have been delivered by the relocating company in Aurora, Ontario. Even before then, you can help them reach out to the firms to get local moving company quotes to see which ones fall within the stated budget. Ensure that the process of finding an agency is done early enough to avoid last-minute rushes.

See the New Residence

If the new home is close by, pay it as many visits as possible so that they can get used to moving around in the space. They can also explore the neighborhood so that it is not entirely unfamiliar when they finally relocate. Visit some stores and parks to pick out new favorite spots, and stay awhile to get used to the idea of being there for an extended period.

Create an Organization Plan

During these trips, take measurements of the floor and determine where the furniture pieces will be placed. This process is more comfortable to handle when the house is empty instead of waiting until it is filled with containers and other chattels. Measuring the floors also helps you identify oversized items in good time so that they can be sold or donated without having to find out while trying to squeeze them into tight spaces.

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