Glassware Management for Relocation

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Most belongings need to be handled with care during relocations to ensure that they get to their destination without incurring any damage. Glassware falls in the list of things that need extra attention. Considering most of them are pricey, it is necessary to apply such a level of caution. Movers websites provide some pointers on how to handle different possessions crafted using the material during the relocation to ensure that they get to their destination in one piece.

Use Sturdy Containers

Boxes are crucial to ensuring the safety of belongings during relocations. When handling items that are as breakable as glass, you should refrain from using any containers that you find lying around. Instead, invest in some made of good quality material to ensure that they do not give during transit and expose their contents to damage. Lean towards cartons that are build using an extra later of insulation to help them absorb shock better. If you are unsure of where to source such containers, enter a search for ‘packing companies near me’ and look to see if they have any options for the materials.

Wine Glasses

These articles are usually tricky to handle due to their unique shape that includes a wide top and a skinny bottom. Wine glasses are best transported in cell-partitioned cartons to help them stay in place better for the entire process of transit. Ensure that you wrap each one individually in packing sheets while going around the glass and stem according to their shape. It is not recommended to use the newspaper for this procedure since the ink might transfer onto the surface of the glasses. The boxes that will hold them should be well padded with bubble wrap at the bottom before inserting the partitions. When placing the items in the cells, ensure that they are not too tight or loose. Once the spaces are filled, pad the top with bubble wrap as well, which will protect the items from both ends.


Glass tables are mostly long and thin, and they are usually not built to slide into ordinary containers. Look into getting a crate that is custom made to fit the item. You can also make one by cutting up cartons and flattening them on each side of the chattel. The flat boxes can then be secured to the table using a blanket, which also serves as an extra layer of protection. Use as many cardboards as necessary to ensure that the glass is well padded. However, crates usually serve as a better option.

Get Help

The easiest step to take when handling glass articles is to turn to professionals for help. Even though the packing service costs extra, it is worth it since your knick-knacks are packed using the best skills possible.

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