Advantages of Using a Storage Unit

Cornwall Local Movers

Moveable storage units come in handy especially when there is a need to get rid of clutter, keep surplus items or look for space to renovate your home. Portable storage units will guarantee you a safe and easy relocation. When you hire Cornwall Local Movers you have the benefit of getting a full range of transfer services hence you won’t worry about the safety of these properties. Sem’s Moving and Storage also provide conveyance services of your desired container to the desired location at no extra charges.

Below are the benefits of using a mobile storage unit during a move:


Since these containers are portable, one can choose where to put them hence you won’t have to drive all the way to access stuff. They also come in different sizes providing a variety of sizes to choose from.


These units are made of tough steel and are waterproof and tamper proof hence assure that your goods will be safe and free from damage from pets and rust. Ensure you fit a good lock that is suitable to the container to keep your valuables from being broken into.

Getting Rid of Clutter

Most people store their excess stuff or spoilt furniture in the attic which is at times not as safe. The storage avails space needed to keep these items for any period of time while you renovate your home. Businesses also use these containers to store their surplus supplies so they do not have to fill their premises with these items.


These storages offer security against adverse weather conditions. They are airtight hence your belongings will not get spoilt or damage during extremely hot or cold seasons.

Cost Effective

Fixed storage containers are more expensive than the portable ones. This is because you get to pay for a container according to the square unit you need. Besides, when you hire us, you will not have to worry about the mileage expenses and the price of renting a moving truck.


The units are designed to work in a variety of locations allowing you to use them short-term or for longer periods. They are available in diverse sizes this way one can choose the size that best suits their needs. Movable storage containers allow you to conveniently set your own schedule. Instead of having to hurry and pack a rental or moving truck you are able to book the unit for several days/weeks and load at your own pace. When you rent a truck or hire a moving company you need to work at a fast pace. In order to avoid additional charges that could accumulate over time hence it forces one to do their loading, lifting and unpacking on a tight schedule. Portable storage containers allow you the opportunity to work at a speed that suits you and your family’s needs.

Your storage container sits at ground level to help reduce your having to climb up and down when you are loading.

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