What To Do If You Have To Move During The Holidays

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Tips And Tricks To Remaining Calm

It’s a popular and well-known fact that moving, in general, is not a happy-fun-time. It’s stressful, busy, heavy, painful and often a great way to have a nervous breakdown. For whatever reason it is that you had to move, market opportunity, work, school, adding Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, and Thanksgiving is the cherry on the cake of chaos. Don’t fret, there are some ideas you should follow and keep in mind to make the process a bit less daunting.

Make Sure You Know what’s open, and when.

Not only is it a pain in the neck to move, but not remembering the hours of operations are often changed on holidays for most retail stores can make things worse. Ensure that Thornhill movers will operate on the holidays and figure out if the restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacy and perhaps the liquor store, will be open. If not then prepare in advance to make sure you get what you think might be useful for the move before the stores close for vacation. If you require certain medications then that is extremely important to plan for if the doctor, clinic or pharmacy will not be open.

Once you know the date that you will receive the keys to your new home, it is a good idea to schedule the moving service immediately. Double-check you get the electricity, cable, and internet, heating bills all set up and good to go so that you will be able to have the hot shower you will certainly need once you are all moved in.

You should also go on a little reconnaissance mission around the new area if you can or use Google maps if you are moving to a location too far to investigate personally, see what is where and whether you will be able to get access to it over the celebration. We always forget something, so make sure you’ll be able to go to a department store or find a place to get a bite to eat, because who knows which box the frying pans are in and after a move who really wants to cook? Don’t Forget About the Holiday!

The relocation process is basically the same as a holiday in many ways. It’s a date on the calendar that is exciting, it’s often filled with confusion and family members under stress, it can be easy to forget that the move itself, isn’t the festival. Try to make extra time to enjoy the festivities, it can be a great opportunity to break in the new house and create fond memories or simply visit your friends or family celebration. The boxes aren’t going to grow legs and get up and walk away, they will still be sitting there in the hallway after the holiday so take a load off and enjoy. Plus, after everything is in, a break is most certainly needed after the biggest part of the move is over.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Cold winter time, an excellent opportunity to get hurt while relocating your massive furniture and boxes. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and get ready if snow is expected. Give yourself extra time if you can and clear a path for yourself and the movers. Watch out for ice! Getting injured during the holidays and add that to the moving process in Nipigon is not something that is going to be a good way to start the new adventure. Keep the right clothing out, ice and shovels, and be careful driving and moving.

Keep extra cardboard on hand to make a path into the new house so as to avoid dragging in a bunch of dirty slushy snow and giving yourself more to clean. Sem’s Moving and Storage would advise using your garage for storing items and boxes that meant to go into the moving truck, of course, if you have extra space. All of these tips will help you make the holiday move smoothly for you and your family both physically and mentally.

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