A Guide for Moving Large Appliances

You probably consider the moving process a simple task since you have basic house items and boxes. But how will you tackle the move for large appliances? Will the process remain easy? Relocating larger objects can be easy depending on your readiness and preparation.

Movers also play a key role in an efficient move. This is because they have expertise and skills to handle items from their years of service delivery. In fact, these experts make sure all equipment is delivered safely with no damage to your house doors and floors. Each area has companies for long or short distances move. For example, Vaughan movers provide local relocation.

It is relevant to decide whether to move these belongings before making a final decision. It is as well essential to sell some appliances to cut shipping cost and retaining those in good form.

Required Moving Supplies

For a safe and proficient move, purchase or hire these supplies:

  • A moving dolly. It is easy to see why a dolly is significant: it is fitted with tires and handles and distributes an object’s mass evenly for a smoother movement
  • Furniture pads. These supplies cover the items to prevent damage by dirt or water
  • The most common supplies for securing appliances are ropes and bungee cords. However, a furniture strap is specially designed to keep large items in position while moving
  • Often in the form of wood or metal rollers, sliders guarantee zero damages to the floor

Prepare the Move

 Preparation should be adequate and done early. The primary tasks are booking a mover and making budget estimates. Besides, each item has unique preparation tips as follows:

Washing Machines

 Disconnect drain pipes and close the machine’s faucets. Then, clean and dry the pipes before packing in the device. Following its user manual, secure the washer tub of the machine.


This appliance is not only large but also a prominent home investment. Everyone wants to guarantee maximum safety when handling their fridges.

To start with, clean the fridge by removing all foodstuffs and other removable things. This also includes defrosting the ice and wiping the residue. Though you can hire a technician for this process, it is easy to perform the task on your own. But remember to keep all removed pieces like shelves packed separately to avoid loss. Likewise, observe care while taping the refrigerator’s doors to prevent any damage.

A Stove

You might consider renting equipment or hiring a technician for handling a gas stove. But the general preparation process is easy by removing the racks, taping the knobs and disconnecting the gas supply system.

A Dryer

Dryers are among the significant investments one can make. Thus, proper handling is needed. A dryer preparation is faster, with only disconnecting and taping its electrical cord. However, you can hire a utility company capable of handling gas safety when dealing with a gas dryer.

A Dishwasher

Ensure it is completely dried as part of preparation. This is followed by removing its racks, turning off water and electricity supplies, and disconnecting the hoses. Afterward, shut and tape the door. Consider taping the hose pipes and packing separately or placing the bundle inside the machine.

In conclusion, moving large appliances is easier after observing the proper preparation procedures. Besides, hiring a mover is critical for a more efficient move.