Activities To Take Part In Hamilton

Hamilton Movers

You may have just relocated to, or are planning on relocating to Hamilton and have no idea where to spend your weekends and off days. This should not worry you as the city has spots for everything and everyone. Hamilton Movers has come up with a helpful list of all the palaces to check out while you are here. The town is rich in its history, and therefore there are a lot of landmarks and historical sites to see such as:

  • One can plan to see one of the flying Lancaster bombers. There are only two of these in existence, and one of them happens to be in Hamilton. Because there is always an even happening here, it is one of the best go to places. Another plus is that it is very child-friendly.
  • Visiting a castle. The Dundurn Castle which was built in the 1930s is usually open to the public. The grounds of the castle also have the Cockpit Theatre and The Hamilton Military Museum, which are also great places to visit.
  • See a destroyer. The HMCS Haida is a monument of Canadian naval warfare, which became famous for its part in a couple of exciting battles. It is usually open to public viewing.

For those who believe in ghosts, or even for those who do not, there is the Haunted Hamilton Ghost Walks which usually start in the evening and go across the city. It is a fun way to get to know the city’s dark past, and it also gives you several locations to pick from on the guided ghost tour.

When it comes to the individuals who love nature, Hamilton is known for the fact that it is near the Niagara Escarpment, which is famous, and quite a site. Apart from that, there over one hundred waterfalls near the city, most of which can be gotten to through the Bruce Trail, which has falls such as the Albion falls and the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

Another spot to visit is the African Lion Safari. The safari park has more than one thousand animals and birds since its main aim is to conserve declining species, while still giving them space to walk around. The animals are usually extremely well taken care of by professional animal handlers.

If you love hiking, then The Bruce Trail is the place to be. They give visitors options of one-day trip visits or multi-day trips to the waterfalls. The Conservancy gives people both guides, and also the permission to go walking on their own.

Hamilton has a rich historical space, good art scene, and shopping places as well. One can also take a walk around and try the food from the joints around. You can also visit the art gallery, or venture out into the streets and see the street art as well.

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