Maintaining a Clean House Post-Relocation

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Moving from Toronto to North York demand a lot of time and effort, which makes it seem like they are going on forever. Relaxation usually sips in once everything has been arranged in your new house with the help of reliable moving storage company like Sem’s Moving and Storage and all items and spaces have been cleaned. Keeping things clean is not a hard task to keep up with, and below are some tips on how to go about it.

Start Small

You may struggle with maintaining a tidy environment, which can make the task of organizing all that you own and cleaning the house appear impossible. You can begin by handling the simpler things first such as doing the dishes after eating. Slowly include other chores to your list, and soon, you will build a routine that will ensure that your house is constantly clean.

Leave Shoes Outside

Shoes collect a lot of dirt when walking around, and keeping them on in the house spreads around bacteria. It is advisable to take them off at the front door and change into indoor shoes if you prefer to walk around with covered feet. Having a small storage area can be helpful if you own many shoes.

Organize your Mornings

The moment you wake up, make a point of arranging your bedroom. Having this space clean will make being in it more relaxing and can have a positive impact on how you tackle your day. You can begin by simply making your bed.


Clutter is a big problem for a lot of people, and it consumes a lot of space and even makes the room stuffy. Getting rid of any unnecessary items can prove helpful in not only keeping your home clean but also earning you some extra cash. You can put things that are still in good shape for sale online, or you can arrange to have a yard sale. Other belongings can be donated or trashed.

Keep the Air Clean

Indoor pollution has risen over the past few years to pose a serious threat to people’s health. When cleaning your home, you can be at risk of these issues due to rising dust. Having an AC unit is essential to ensure that you keep fresh air in the home.

Keep Everything in its Place

Pick up the habit of returning things to their rightful place once you are done using them. If everything stays where it is supposed to, the chances of ending up with a cluttered home drop.

Deep Clean

Covers, drapes, rugs, and other cloth items collect a lot of bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Thus, make sure you thoroughly clean these items regularly. You can use the washing machine for covers and pillowcases. It is advisable to have a professional cleaning agency to handle the rugs.

Pay Attention to Messes

As you walk around the house, ensure that you leave every area organized. Do not ignore a pile of magazines on the table or clothes that are out of place. That way, when cleaning day comes, you will not be overwhelmed.

Having a clean home is rooted in these and numerous other habits. If you are planning to relocate, choose our North York movers and storage for top-tier services.

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