Valuation of Self Relocations

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Relocations are tough events to handle, especially when you decide to take them on yourself. Initially, they seem like a good idea considering the cost of renting a truck beats that of hiring cheap movers in Richmond Hill. Once you get enough quotes from these firms, you settle on the decision to pull off a DIY relocation. Usually, most people turn to friends and family to help with the heavy lifting. However, since they are not obligated to show up like cheap movers Richmond Hill would, many of them end up canceling. The overwhelming nature of the process starts to dawn on you as well as all the unforeseen costs you have to deal with. Avoid getting into such a hurdle by understanding what to expect of a self-relocation before you can settle on the decision.

Time Demand

A famous adage states that time is money, and the saying reflects when it comes to handling a haul on your own. Ordinary chattels such as clothes, kitchenware, and other small knick-knacks can be arranged in containers over the course of a couple of weeks, which makes them hardly strenuous. The real challenge comes when you have to take apart furniture without ruining the items and storing the pieces safely until reassembly once you get to your residence. You may also need to take down doors and railings to make the loading process more manageable, especially for big chattels. Once the loading process is complete, you need to drive the rented truck to your new house and unload it as fast as possible. That way, you can return it having incurred the minimum costs possible.

Trailer Rentals

The hiring rate for these vehicles is openly advertised, so not much can be hidden on this front. However, most people forget that more cash will have to be coughed up to run it. For instance, traveling between the two homes will require the use of fuel, a cost that is not covered in the rental fees. In most cases, people tend to underestimate the number of chattels they own and how well they will fit in the trailer. Therefore, you could end up making several round trips before everything has been transferred to the new place. This mistake also costs you a lot of time that can extend the relocating period by far, especially if the distance being covered is significant. Additional fees can be charged if you return the truck when dirty or with less fuel than agreed.


Canada’s tax moving expenses can spike due to the inexperience you have in handling a haul. Unlike professionals, you may lack the expertise on how to organize belongings, which can result in the arrival of items in your new house while they are broken. You can also ruin furniture while taking them apart or damage the property as you load heavy items.

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