The Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Moving

Windsor moving company

Windsor moving company has served Canadian clients for a long time. Moving can be tedious to anyone. As such, families, as well as individuals, should look for a company which puts their needs first. With a trustworthy agency, individuals can be assured that they will not be scammed, over-charged, or lose anything. Therefore, clients can relax where they are and leave everything to the able hands of the agency. It is with this wake of scammers that we offer both our existing and potential clients the top five do’s and don’ts of choosing a legitimate moving agency and avoid scammers.

Plan in advance

Planning is critical for every successful transfer. It is hence essential that clients draw up a schedule earlier and book an agency within a favorable time limit to ensure that they are accessible and free. We recommend that clients call a month in advance so that we can slot them into our schedules especially for peak seasons like summer and spring. Planning also protects clients from scammers that prey on desperate clients and hike prices.

Pay attention to details

Details are key for every mover. Scammers have established a niche in fooling Windsor movers by offering low rates, unclear contracts, and general pricing. They do this while a mover is on the phone with them and in the rush of moving, one slip can land in the hands of a predator. Scammers are known to fool clients and later disappear into thin air leaving clients really desperate. Trustworthy companies will do an estimate on the pricing, and write clear contracts on what one is paying for.

Only use cards

Scammers will insist on clients paying real money and this is when clients should just turn and leave. This is because real cash is untraceable. Legitimate companies will ask for a deposit beforehand and require that you pay using your card. This way, a company can be accountable for that deposit.

Do not pay the full amount upfront

Only scammers would insist for a client to pay the full amount upfront. Genuine firms only ask for a small deposit and the remainder can be paid after completion of work. Scammers deceive clients by rendering extremely low rates that they demand to be paid up front. When a client does this, the high chances are they will find realize that the particular organization is probably non-existent.

Investigate the mover

Research is vital for clients looking for a mover. A red flag to check for is companies that ask you to pay on the internet. Windsor Movers advises clients to look out for the below details while investigating a potential mover:

  • An enterprise website that provides enough information on the way of business in which the mover operates. Research is king but the content is right next to it
  • Another site (third-party) that has mentioned the company like Angie’s List so as to get other’s opinions on that agency
  • Affiliation with a national chain of movers like Sem’s Moving
  • Reviews on Google or Homestars are also king