Guidelines for Business Relocation

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Changing a whole place of work is an exciting time for a business, reasons could be due to a need for expansion or the need to modify the corporate image. This can result in a positive effect on the productivity of business if done correctly. Nonetheless, it can prove to be a challenging event without the most suitably skilled movers. Aside from the heavy lifting that is supposed to be done by the movers, organizing office materials, office desks chairs and files can be difficult and cumbersome upon arrival. For a smooth and seamless relocation, the factors below require consideration before planning a business move:

  • Updating and Preparing Advertising Platforms

Changing a work location without updating the various marketing platforms the company was using can lead to a lot of losses. This is because some of the clients will not be aware of the new location. It is hence necessary to update calling cards, brochures plus letterheads first hand before moving. This way clients can anticipate the change and are alerted about the move. It’s also crucial to update all contact information with websites such as Google, Bing, Yelp, in addition to any other relevant sites. It’s also essential to keep up to date the office voicemail that will inform clienteles on expected changes in the near future.

  • Ensure Your Team is Well-informed

It is essential to ensure your personnel is well conversant with the whereabouts and timeline for the move. This way they are not only able to give their opinions and suggestions on adjustments and additions they would like in their new work environment but also know what is expected of them during the move.

  • Prioritize on Marketing and IT

Networking and communication are some of the most vital aspects for the success of an enterprise. One has to ensure they are all ready installed and running on the new site. The IT team has to ensure that computer networks are installed, and they allow the user to access remote programs and remote databases of the organization. This way business will resume as usual upon relocation.

  • AppointExperts

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