Relocating Greenery

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A lot of planning and organization goes into relocations, which is why they are termed as some of the most stressful experiences one goes through in life. Aside from worrying about how to get your ordinary chattels to your destination, you will also have the added worry of ensuring the safety of plants if you are a lover of leafy friends. Plants stand as some of the homiest additions to a house, and it can be difficult to leave them behind once you decide to change homes, especially if you have invested in taking care of them for a long time. The good news is those truck companies Newmarket handling plant relocations, even though they demand more time and attention during the organization process than most other belongings.

The greenery relocation process is highly dependent on the kind of plant you have from the size to type. Here is a breakdown from moving house truck Newmarket companies on how to handle both indoor and outdoor leafy friends.

Indoor Greenery

  • Tiny indoor plants
    present the smallest hurdles when changing homes since, in most cases, they can be kept in the same pots they grow in. In such cases, all you have to do is purchase an appropriately-sized carton and place the plant inside. Ensure that you prick holes on the side so that it can breathe during transit. Any spaces that are left in the container can be filled with crumpled paper so that the plant remains in place during transit.
  • Bigger plants,
    however, require to be trimmed before being hauled. If the temperature outside is cold, encase it with paper sheets to keep them safe in case the degrees dip too low. Keep in mind that plants are quite sensitive to changes in the environment, and extreme conditions can easily kill them. Similar to the small plants, buy a container that suits the size of your big plant and fill any spaces that remain after placing it inside.

Ensure that you confirm with your relocating agency whether or not they haul plants. Movers with trucks in Newmarket that come with climate control are the most suitable options since they can ensure that your plants are kept in a convenient environment until you get to your destination. If they do not take such goods, bring the plant with you, and make sure to regulate the temperature in your car to keep them comfortable.

Outdoor Greenery

These plants are the trickiest to relocate, and it is recommended to leave them be for the sake of their survival and saving yourself a complicated procedure that might damage their wellbeing. If you can’t, begin by trimming them down so that they are easier to handle and promote regrowth once they are settled in your new home. When digging up the plant, leave a lot of soil surrounding the roots and hold them together using burlap. Ensure that they are well-watered and kept in conducive temperatures so that they can survive as long as possible before being put back in the ground.

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