Downscaling Moves

Toronto residential movers

A lot of individuals, as well as families, are now going on a downscaling spree all across the country. This is an interesting fact as in nineteen fifty, the normal size for a big number of family members was about a thousand square feet. Throughout the years, this story has been different for the baby boomers, with large houses coming up in the suburbs. These have served to steer people away from the busy city life to a quieter place that also has great schools, parks, and other child-friendly activities. Houses have become almost two thousand seven hundred square feet, with fewer family members staying in them.

Sem’s Moving and Storage is now experiencing a growth in the number of downscaling hauls that are in all types and across all towns and age groups. More individuals are relocating to smaller abodes in the country, or smaller condos and townhouses.

For anyone planning to move, or moving company gives climate controlled storage, which offers a clean and secure place for you to keep the rest of the belongings that will not fit in the new house. Apart from that, we also offer to drop off services if one wants to give some stuff to family and friends along the way. All that is needed for this is that the client informs us earlier of the dates of pick-up and delivery.

Most people are wondering why this type of haul has become so popular, and Toronto Residential movers have some answers. When you have a large space or home, you will generally feel the need to fill up space with more decorations, appliances, and other knickknacks. Over time, one eventually ends up amassing a lot of unnecessary items, which will eventually lead to them requiring more storage space and it will also become time-consuming to clean up everything. This brings about a stressful situation, and the only way to deal with it is to downscale, and only keep the essentials. One can throw the clutter away, sell them to make extra cash, or even donate them.

A smaller space requires less cleaning, which means that the daily chores will be reduced. The house will also need less maintenance, and since there are not too many appliances or gadgets, the energy bills will also reduce. All of this is an advantage to both singles and families as they will all feel relaxed, leaving them with a few extra dollars in their pockets that they can use to go on vacation.

One way to check if this sort of moving will be the best for you is to measure all the cabinets, closets and floor space. After that, find out what can fit in this space on paper, and it will be easier for you to pick what is important and what should go in first. If it works, give us a call, and our able crew will be more than happy to assist you to downgrade and have a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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