Hauling a Fish Tank

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Aquariums are beautiful additions to homes, but they present some of the toughest challenges when it is time to Toronto moving quotes. Some people opt to unplug the appliance and transfer it as it is. Advisably, the best step to take is to have professional aquarium mover help with the procedure from scratch. However, if you want to get some or all the work done, here are some guidelines to follow.

Prior to Relocation

The relocation of these home additions is done effectively by dividing the tasks into two groups, the first one being preparation, and it is conducted as so:

  • Collect the necessary tools

Make sure that you have everything that you need handy before you can even begin the dismantling process. Taking time to have all the supplies with you will avoid you having to move around while the procedure is underway. Some of the items you’ll require include five large buckets, a fishnet, bubble wrap, containers, tape, and fishnets, among others.

  • Prep the fish

Halt the feeding of your water pets a day or two before the big day so that all their excretions are out by the time. Fish are known to go as long as a week without being fed, so don’t fret about them dying. Where you keep the fish depends on how far your new residence is. If it is less than an hour from your current location, the fish can be kept in plastic bags with water that is from the device. Use a cooler or sturdy container to store them during transit.

In the case of cross Canada moving solutions, consider using clean buckets. Like with the plastic bags, they should be filled with tank water, and up to four fish can share each one. The lids should be taped shut so that there is no spillage along the way.

  • Clean the tank

Clear the appliance of any of its contents, which can go into a bucket. Any décor can be dried and stored using bubble wrap and packing tape while the filter should be kept wet and sealed away in a container.

  • Remove water

Siphon the water out of the appliance and store as much as possible so that it can be reused once you get to your new home. That way, the ecosystem can be retained, which is healthy for the fish.

  • Pack it

Use bubble wrap on the lid separately from the rest of the tank, and use a box that is large enough for the rest. If you cannot find one, google movers names that can help out with a custom crate. Ensure that it is well-cushioned so that it does not break.

On the Big Day

It is recommended to have the tank in your car along with the pets in your vehicle if you are driving to the destination. The movers hauling your goods can help with the loading process, and ensure you keep it safe during transit.

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