What To Ask Movers Before Contracting Them

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Before choosing a moving crew, or letting them come over for an assessment, it is important to ask a couple of questions first. This is an opportunity to check the movers and tell if they are going to give what you want. Apart from that, it also helps you know if they are professional and reliable, or they are a con. In case one has no idea what to ask, here are some suggestions by Sem’s Moving and Storage to guide you.

  1. Registration number

All legitimate movers must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Check that they are registered before contracting them.

  1. Rates and quotations

Movers mostly give rates per pound and according to the distance. If the crew gives an estimate per cubic feet, avoid working with them. For a cross-border relocation, movers normally charge based on weight, and for short distance ones, it is mostly calculated per hour. Ask for everything in writing, and go through any paperwork before signing. This keeps the movers from springing up other charges along the way.

  1. Subcontractors

A couple of large moving companies subcontract smaller ones, and if you find that the crew you have selected is commissioned, ask for the name of the subcontractor. This data should be freely given so that you can probe and check if the moving service is genuine, and if the people are competent.

  1. Extra charges

Sometimes moving companies add in charges that may not have been in the initial cost. To dodge this, make sure that you have planned for things like parking spaces, stairs, elevators, and other restrictions. Be sure to talk to the moving service about this before the relocation to avoid any surprises. Other additional fees can be fuel or extra transport money if the place you are going to is remote

  1. Other transfers

When it comes to long distance moves, some companies transfer your items from one truck to another, which is risky as things may get lost or spoiled. This is also something that one should inquire about. Additionally, if the relocation is during winter, know how the crew will shield the goods from water damage.

  1. Insurance

This is mostly based on how heavy the items are, and one needs to appraise the things against what the insurance policy will cover if anything gets damaged. Typical coverage is sixty cents per pound, which cannot cover all the costs. Toronto local movers suggest checking out your home insurance if it also covers relocation before getting more coverage.

  1. Packing and storage options

Get to know how the crew packs up goods and labels them. Some will offer to shrink-wrap your chair and cover it with a blanket while others will charge for this. It is common for items to get misplaced in the process, so check that there is a list of all the objects, the number of containers, etc. Ask if the crew has appliance service charges and how they go about packing and transporting appliances.

Just in case there is a need for storage, ask if they also give storage services. Large moving companies normally have this option, and can also get the truck to drop off the goods for you.

  1. Complaints and claims

Check if the crew has any cases of unsettled grievances or claims. Some of them will offer this data, even if they might not give all the details. If there are any unresolved matters, ask about them as this will let you understand and have a record of their incidents.

  1. Referrals and recommendations

Competent crews will give their potential clients letters from satisfied customers. However, authenticate them to check if they are legitimate, as the firm could have made them themselves.

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