Tips for Moving a Refrigerator

Relocation is often a painstaking experience. Involvement of bulky appliances like fridges makes the job more challenging. However, a good plan and help in packing make the process less stressful. Ensure there is no damage to the appliance by observing the following steps.


To begin, empty its contents. These componentsmake the appliance heavier. If you’re changing refrigerator position within the house, place the components in shelves. Use rollersfor swift movement. For an out-of-house move, consider giving away perishable items or disposing them of.

In addition, remove allobjects likeshelves and dividers.Secure these objects with a tape. This measure guarantees the components’ safety while limiting transportation mess.

The next procedure is unpluggingfrom power and water supply. Thereafter, secure the connecting wire tightly by tapingto prevent loss during the move.

Additionally, defrost your freezer. Since defrosting requires an average of 7 hours, it is best to do it overnight; then clean the freezer in the morning. This is also an ample opportunity to clean the device before relocating. Of course, you can scrub its surface, but it is advisableto wipe and apply disinfectants.

As part of this preparation, it is equally significant to shut the freezer and fridge doors. Use bungee cords as opposed to taping since the latter might leave residues or cause damages. Likewise, observe caution when closing the doors to avoid any break. But leave the doors partly open to allow in fresh air before packing the machine in a truck.

The last point to take note of during this preparation process is to seek a helping hand. This can be from a friend or a family member. This makes it easier to move around corners, steps, doors; and stress-less packing. To make the process more efficient, hire an expert. Most Timmins movers offer expert relocation service for fridges.


As mentioned earlier, use a dolly for easy movement. This equipment is furnished with wheels and straps which help in safe movements. They can be bought or hired from a company. Follow this procedure to move the refrigerator:

  • Position it facing upwards on the dolly. Thisprevents oil from escaping through the tubes. Place a big objectunder the fridge to maintain the desired angle
  • Fasten the device to your dolly and tilt gently. While rolling the equipment, move slowly opposite the tilt with someone helping to keep the balance of the appliance
  • Move a single stair at a time downstairs while communicating loudly with your helper
  • Load yourcooling device in the pick-up or truck using a ramp. With no ramp, extraeffort is required when lifting the fridge into thevehicle. Moreover, at least three people are neededto lift the object effectively
  • Leave the refrigerator on the dolly while packing in the pick-up or truck. Otherwise, you need to secure it using cords. To make it more stable, add some furniture around the base of the fridge

The final task is to unload in the new house. Follow the same loading steps during unloading. Also, plug the refrigerator after at least three hours to allow the oil to settle in its compressor.