Advice When Moving With Kids

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Children and adolescents are rarely thrilled with the idea of change in general, hence they may not be thrilled when the family has to move due to factors such as transfer in the workplace. They particularly hate having to leave their friends behind or having to leave their playground and chilling spots. It may be stressful for us adults due to the whole process of planning and having difficult kids who are not cooperative during this time. It is therefore important to read through the following tips before scheduling and settling for that house which you cannot wait to occupy:

Notify them in Advance

None of us like to be ambushed especially in decisions that will most likely affect you. It is important to notify your kids of what to expect this way they will have already started making plans to leave their friends such as notify them of their move then they can send their last moments together. This can be done over dinner when you are having those casual conversations then you can inform them of your promotion and need to move, ensure you sound excited when informing them of this change. Additionally, encourage them to express their feelings as well and tell them how you will be depending on them for the move. This way they are likely to embrace the change positively as they will feel you care about their feelings as well.

Prepare Early

Days of the calendar are likely to fly when planning for a move and kids generally make things go slower, it’s hence crucial to start preparing months before moving to avoid falling behind on schedule. Have a list of tasks to be done in order to create scheduling easy and create a clear outline of what is yet to be done to prevent missing out on some tasks. Have the children help out where possible.

Have a Must Have Bag

When moving its possible that all the unpacking will not be done on the same day, it’s is also possible that most things will be all over making it impossible to find some essentials. This is why a must-have bag is important since it enables you to access your essentials when organizing your house. This way your children will still be able to go to school as you will not struggle to find their bags and school outfits.

Label Boxes Clearly

Smart packing helps to make unpacking easy. All things from one room need to be put in one box that is clearly labeled to make retrieving and rearranging is easy.

Pack a box of Toys Last

Toddlers are less likely to help out when relocating hence instead of having them derail you, you can segregate them in a corner and give them toys to keep them busy. These toys can also be packed last to be used again upon arrival. This is a clever way to ensure you do not get distracted by the children.

Prepare for Accidents

Toddlers who are not toilet trained need a change in pants regularly. If you have a child who may need a change in ants it’s important to have an extra change of clothes packed aside or have disposable pants that will be handy when the need arises.

Organize a for a Party

Plan a farewell party for your kids, it’s obvious that your children, as well as yourself, had made close friendships. Hosting a farewell party is a chance to bid neighbors and friends goodbye as well as give souvenirs of things you no longer need.

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