Organize Regularly Forgotten Stuff When Relocating

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Possessions get misplaced or forgotten in the midst of rushing to organize a transfer. It is no secret that relocating is a stressing phase is one’s life, mainly due to plenty of preparation and organizing required before the actual relocating date. It’s therefore probable to leave a couple of belongings despite how prepared one was. As a result of past experiences with our customers we, Sault Ste Marie Moving Service has compiled a list of frequently forgotten stuff in a transfer.

Frequently Forgotten Items During a Move

  • Hidden valuables; some people hide their treasured possessions in a secret place where no one is likely to find them, however, it is very possible to leave them behind since they are not in the mind when packing. Others have left cash as well as jewelry stashed in hidden areas.
  • Kitchen items that are usually not left out in the open are often left when relocating, stuff such as fridge magnets, dishes in the dishwasher, leftover food in the fridge as well as pet dishes. It is crucial to have a checklist of these items and confirm them before prior to departure. Check all cupboards, as well as high cupboard shelves.
  • Clothes at the dry cleaners; Keep the laundry ticket with you to make recovering forgotten clothes easy.
  • Library books and Borrowed items.
  • Prescription medication is often left in cabinets and cupboards; ensure they are packed as some may be used regularly.
  • Items in the attic, crawl space, basement, or in storage.
  • Wall hangings, lamps plus lighting fixtures. Unplug such stuff from the wall prior to relocation.
  • Essential files as well as documents
  • Outdoor equipment: Check the garage and shed for your garden hose, gardening tools, household tools, and any items stored under the deck and put them in a toolbox.
  • Plungers and other toiletries are some of the things often left.
  • New homeowners forget stuff for new occupants such as unlocking the garage door, keys or other vital fundamentals for the new occupant.

Have an Organized Relocation

Having a checklist of commonly forgotten stuff helps to avoid instances of forgetting them as you move. Below are guidelines on ways to make relocation extra organized;

Classify belongings room wise

Storing according to their respective rooms ensures they do not get mixed up. Separate the fragile goods and label them to prevent breakage. It also makes it easier to identify things which are no longer useful and should be donated or sold. Arranging possessions in this manner makes unloading and organizing easy. When doing this ensure the cartons are labeled according to the rooms they are from. Remember to do the same with thigs from the garden to avoid forgetting garden tools.

Schedule Important Commitments

One may get held up when planning a relocation, it is, therefore, important to create tie away from packing to ensure things like borrowed items are returned, gym memberships canceled as well as laundry from the dry cleaners is picked. Plan these appointments in writing to help in remembering and mark those that are complete to keep track.

Use Sticky Notes for Reminders

Stick sticky notes on your fridge with reminders on things to do in order to help prevent forgetting of some important items or tasks. Put them in a place you frequently operate from like mirrors or fridge door.

Make Use of Checklists

Checklists are useful in identifying what has been done and what is yet to be done. Confirm the list a day in advance to ensure most tasks are completed. Use alarms, reminders, and checklists to help you make sure nothing is missed.

Remember to Eat!

It is not surprising to forget eating during the whole relocation process. Have a snack to give you strength for moving around and carry possessions from place to place. Eating will reduce exhaustion and give you the energy to finish up rearranging and unpacking. Pre-order food for delivery on time, that way you will not forget to eat.

Get Help from a Skilled Moving Company

Relocating alone is not an easy task, especially when living alone in a huge house. It becomes cumbersome and might take a long time to move. One might not even get time to pack and move the property due to work and other commitments. Hire a team of professionals to execute a successful move without having to worry about a thing. Sault Ste Marie movers are equipped and experienced to offer the best relocation service, with a wide range of services such as cleaning, packing, loading offloading and unpacking to rearranging to your desired taste. We work to ensure you enjoy this chapter in life. Contact us today to visits our website to schedule for a relocation estimate more information on our services.