5 Guidelines from Pros on Ways to Arrange a Seamless Relocation Experience

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Relocating can often be one of the most looked forward events in life. It’s, however, the most stressful and tedious task. Packing, unpacking, and rearrangement can be a disaster if careful planning is not done. Be it a home or business move a few factors have to be considered in order to ensure a seamless moving experience. Outlined are a few tips from professionals on how to ensure this exciting step in life is less daunting.

  1. Prepare in advance

A lot of things could go wrong when relocation is done on last minute. Relocation requires lots of research on matters regarding the finest relocation company which offers the services you’re looking for in a price that suits your budget. This can be done by asking them for a binding written-in-house estimation to ensure no extra charges arise. Inquire about their charges in regards to relocation stretch as well as the quantity of load, have a company to collate these services with so as to avoid being overcharged. Check insurance options that suit your budget to protect all properties against any damages. Always obtain as much information as possible to avoid instances of extra charges, such as carrying fees, if the truck must park further from the building, or if the movers will go up a flight of stairs or even fees for handling bulky items.

Compiling a post-moving list of tasks is also part of preparing for a move. Tasks such as changing schools for your child, looking for a healthcare provider, looking for a job a well a changing of address. To top it all, settle for a date that will be convenient for you, particularly a Friday, to give you more time to move and get organized. Create a file for keeping quotes and receipts related to your relocation, this can be used as a reference.

  1. Get rid of clutter

A lot of unused or damaged items surface when relocating. Some items might be useless and no longer valuable to you. Identify these items and separate them from useful ones to be sold or donated. Giving friends or neighbors things you rarely use as a reward for helping with the packing is also a way to get rid of clutter. Moving fewer items will help save on money.

  1. Set a garage sale or Schedule with a donations organization

Always remember to schedule a date for the sale of items or donation. Identify valuables from stuff that can be sold. This can be done by either selling these items online through websites such as eBay, craigslist, Amazon or even Facebook, for those who are not tech savvy garage sales, consignment stores or use of word of mouth are some ways to sell valuable possessions. Things that did not make any sale can then be donated to either a homeless shelter, refugee home, or the local theater that requires an additional set of future. Some of these charity organization may require you to drop them yourself or they can organize a pickup.

  1. Use it or lose it

Come up with a loss it or use it policy for items such as toiletries, desk/office supplies, and reading material. Those that do not get used before the move should be discarded. The aim is to reduce the stress of carrying extra items as they will not only cost more but will also add on to the task.

  1. Pack strategically

Packing systematically makes identifying stuff easy on arrival, it also makes it easy to rearrange things to their respective places. Ensure you label items in the box identifying the room they are from as well as stacking them together to make it easier to identify move them to the required room upon arrival. Identify important items such as cash, jewelry, or prescription medications and put them separately, create a box for important documents that you may want to go with you and place them preferably in a clear sealed plastic box this will make it easy to identify them. Ensure boxes with crucial things are loaded last that way they will be offloaded first upon arrival. Pack an overnight personal bag since chances are you may not unpack all boxes in the first day, these can be items like toiletries, a laptop and a change of clothes so that you can at least take a rest before you start unpacking.

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